Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ahhhhh, the silence from the back seat

I am a DVD library snob nowadays. With the twice a week commute to and from Columbus State, I have two hours of drive time with four booster seats filled with curious and willing to learn kids. I have to be armed with interesting DVD's, lest I want to hear whining and fighting. The local library to the rescue.

Since three-four-five year old minds are sponges, I have been checking out movies and shows that offer a learning experience. If the children are engrossed in the show, there is a silence that is golden. When they are fully mesmerized by the subject matter on the screen, they do not bug the bajeezus out of me or their seat mate. Do you know how I adore the absolute coma-like quiet coming from the back of the van? If I can hear only the audio portion of the DVD and mild road noise, I am in heaven.

Gone are the days of violent cartoons and nonsense. Gone are shows without an value added. Do I miss Tom & Jerry? Popeye the Sailor? Bugs and Roadrunner? No I do not, thank-you-very-much!

Here are some recent winners in the DVD renting department. Parents, take note!
How'd they build that? This series includes fire truck, concrete mixer, garbage truck and school bus- all of them

amazing! I would not buy these because after the kids have watched them a few times, they are no longer interested, so this is where the library becomes your best resource. Regardless of the hit or miss, you are not out a wad of cash.

Here is another shout out (pun intended) for the Signing Times Series. Rachel Coleman teaches kids ASL and songs in her most excruciating voice. I have learned to pretend I am deaf while she is signing and singing, thus the puns and shout out. Regardless of my opinion, the kids seem to really LOVE these dvd's.
They are educational and my kids are learning and fully absorbing yet another language. Hebrew, check. Spanish, check. American Sign language, check. English, check. Swearing in all of the above languages, check.

If you have the opportunity to pop into the library and check out a handful of these a week, you will buy yourself some much needed peace at the touch of the remote control. I am not one for the television babysitter, but sometimes, when the show offers something mentally stimulating, I am game. And these were slam dunks, home runs and on par. How was that for a sports references and play on words?

I am sure my lovely children will reflect back on their childhood with fond memories of my library prowess. (total sarcasm) I am pretty sure they will say, "Remember when mom rented all those crappy educational dvd's and made us watch them while she drove?" Yes, I do remember that guys. Yes, I do because you were so quiet, I could actually process thoughts. Silence from the back seat is golden. Ahhhhhhh!

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