Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Women(?) of Savers

Nothing makes me high like the thrill of a bargain. I spent the day canvasing the thrift stores with my semi-fake internet friend, Michele. I was in Vegas for an extra day, she was in search of athletic soccer gear, we hit the streets together, and the rest is history.

Our first stop was Savers. This is a version of my beloved Chez G.W. (goodwill) and is a happening spot in Las Vegas. We found an FAO Schwarz dog, brand new with the tags for $3.99, so I made Michele buy it. I told her to switch the ribbon around the neck and save it for Easter. OMG, what would she do without me to corrupt her?

Her bonus baby was along for the adventure and I felt the need to spoil him, much like I do when Charlotte and I get one on one time. I spied a child's keyboard toy for $3.99 and handed it to Austin.
The blue stickers were 50% off so technically the keyboard was $2, or the same price as a bottle of wine at Trader Joe's. I am so generous. I know he will remember me as the crazy friend of his mother, the one that let him pay for a keyboard at Savers. Kids catalogue this stuff permanently you know.

We stood in line behind a gender confused guy/gal, and his momma. Michele and I fought over who would get the blogging rights to this story and photo.
I had an image on facebook within seconds and poor Michele was stuck standing in line holding the FAO dog. The comments continued to roll in long after my status update. Uggs, denim skirts and ruffled tops just speak volumes.

Jodi had me rolling with this comment, "Would someone please tell that "woman" that Uggs are not gender specific enough while going through the transformation. Perhaps a nice kitten heel next time."

I have some funny facebook friends that just get me. My humor is heard round the internet.

Move on over PEOPLE of WALMART, we are the women(?) of Savers.

After ditching Austin at Kindergarten, we burned up the road. Lunch, followed by more thrifting
and children's consignment shops filled our afternoon. We had to make a pit stop to feed her chickens and visit with her insane neighbors Jerry and Bob. I am sure there will be follow up posts about this on Michele's blog. Bringing a braless, G cup friend in the presence of these horn dogs is sure to warrant a post, don't you think? If you read both of our blogs, everything Michele reports about these clowns is true. In fact, she may be toning it down a little. Form a line ladies, form a line.

It is days like this that make me wish we lived in the same city. Oh the trouble we could cause. Blogging does not do our antics justice. You have to be there to believe it.

Mission accomplished! Michele got her kids their cleats and shin guards, and I spent the day in a leisure mode after profiting from the oversold flight on Southwest. I came home with more money and a credit for $458 in future flights, which in Vegas is a miracle. In so many ways, we are indeed, the women of savers.


Michele S said...

I am going to kill you for buying Austin that keyboard. My kids have been playing with it non-stop.

Bob and Jerry went on and on and on about your enormous breasts for 10 minutes yesterday. You would think you were the first ginormous breasted woman they had ever seen!!! Two thumbs up on your breasts!!!

Mona Baker said...

hey michele even the cheapest of those keyboards usually have a place to plug in headphones so you don't have to listen, look for it, mona ; )

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