Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wired Differently

When most folks think of the triplets, they think of their obvious similarities. In my case, they are all fraternal, mixed gender, and are vastly different in looks and personality. My triplets sort of defy the stereotypical mold. I am totally fine with that.

CJ is simply wired differently. While Natalie and Eli are creative and imaginative, CJ is more analytical and technical. From an early age he has set himself apart from the other two with his vast interest in engineering.

At age 14 months this is the child that took 9 screws out of his crib using his fingernails. When I went into the nursery to get him, he handed me the screws and was so proud of himself. CJ is the child who would much rather take a toy apart and rebuild it (sometimes the same, sometimes in his own way) than actually play with it as intended. Here is a prime example:

Instead of playing with the tractor trailer truck, hauling goods, rolling it on the carpet and making engine noises as he pushed the thing around, CJ dismantled the truck and used the wheel portion to create a roller coaster on our Kangaroo Climber slide. He was about two here. Wired differently indeed.

At age two he built some sort of duplo block tower. He added bits and pieces from other play sets and told me it was a contraption. He used the word contraption at age two. I can't make this stuff up.

Fast forward to now....he is still wired differently. Now, I call him my little engineer or the bag man. CJ loves to collect what some might perceive as junk. He sees a value in objects that would otherwise be garbage. One man's trash is another man's treasure. He uses his bag of crap to create all kinds of artistic and special sculptures. His art projects do not involve drawing or writing, they are three dimensional and are his prized possessions.

Here is an example of the polar opposites in crafting:

Eli has drawn some owls, labeled them, and then decided to color in the background to make the owls camouflaged within the tree. He spent time paying attention to detail.

Natalie is wordy, and she typically writes a caption to her portraits so that we know what she was making.
Lately, her designs have a complete sentence below them, and of course, she signs them.

CJ on the other hand, makes these:

His sculpture contraptions. They involve sticky tape, glue, ribbons, rubber bands, pipe cleaners and almost always are a mass of recycled odds and ends with moving parts.

I shake my head and smile. It is so fun having three very individual people in an otherwise lumped together group. They are all wired differently.

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