Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We had a good run

CJ got his glasses about a month ago. We picked them up from the eye doctor on January 12, and made it until today without any incident. I predicted we would need a warranty and boy howdy was I right.

When CJ came home from school yesterday he mentioned that his glasses were broken. I took a closer look at the frames and sure enough, the nose pads were all fercocked, and a screw was missing from the side of the frame, making the lens fall out.

No doubt about it. Broken for sure.

CJ and I went back to the Vision Professionals in New Albany and took them up on the offer to repair their product. They got us up and running again in no time. While we waited, my little guy did the puzzles
in the Highlights magazine. No siblings were there to steal his thunder, so he was so thrilled to just be in the waiting area. Ordinarily it would be fighting and chaos over who gets to do the seek and find puzzle.

CJ was really happy when we left, he was beaming with pride about his glasses. Whew, I am so relieved to know that the service and guarantee are legit.

At this rate, I would guess we will visit our friends about once a month. Let it be known that I knew this would be the case. Having a five year old boy in glasses sure is fun. Wooo Hooo.

A whole month without issues....we had a good run.

Any takers on how long we can make it until our next repair?


The Hanlins said...

You are scaring me! My 3 1/2 year old just got glasses! Does that mean every other week for me?

Melanie said...

Evan has been wearing glasses since he was 2. And it was actually easier then than at 5. I don't think that they are quite as rough at a younger age.
And Helene, we are on a first name basis with our optomatrist. When we went for our last appointment, our opthamolagist laughed when Evan said he has eight pairs of glasses at home. And he wasn't joking!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I'm trying to keep it real. That IS scary.

Mel, next time coastal contacts does a kid promo or a free pair promo, I'm getting us a back up/spare pair just in case. 8 pairs? Whoa, that's a collection.

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