Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Valentine Craft-a-thon

With the kids at a Jewish school, any secular holidays are celebrated at home. The kids are in full Valentine's day mode here, and the crafting projects are in full tilt. When it comes to showering our loved ones with personalized, hand made gifts, there is no shortage of crafts.

Nana and Papa sent us a padded envelope full of goodies. The kids tore open the loot and began cranking out all kinds of Valentine themed designs. They glued. They stickered.

They glittered. They colored. It was a craft-a-thon like no other.

Since they are all wired differently, CJ used all the scraps of sticker frames, and he recycled the leftover trash into some sort of CJ machine. He stuffed all the garbage back into the padded envelope and made me swear I would not throw it away.

Charlotte has a Valentine exchange at her school on Monday, so she was busy signing her name to 22 cards. Writing Charlotte 22 times loses appeal after the fourth card. as I discovered today.

After the kitchen table was destroyed, the boys played

with their toys, and the girls modeled their sunglasses.

They pranced around the family room fighting over the items until finally I had to take the stuff away. Note to Nana and Papa, there are no boy toys or girl toys, and labeling the items just causes rebellion and revolt. Eli said no fair the girls get glasses and Natalie could not understand why she did not get a toy. I can't win. HELP.

The Valentine Craft-a-thon will continue this weekend, somewhere else. Next stop, the Eagles Nest. That is all I can take.

Happy Valentine's Day, and bah humbug.

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