Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sounds of Silence Do Not Exist

I have mentioned it before. Having one or two children a few years apart is vastly different from my world. When you have multiples and an extra bonus child, the cost and decibel level is equally multiplied in direct correlation to the amount of kids.

When buying them a $5 toy, it is now $20. There are no hand me downs from child to child when you need three or four simultaneously. Bikes, Laptops, Car Seats and other items have to be purchased in mass quantities. This is life as I know it.

Along with the cost of doing business, we also have the sound of four voices, and four toys competing for our attention. There is no way around it, you just get used to it. Welcome to going deaf prematurely. I am so there.

Here is my short film, a documentary I like to call, Snow Day Number Two; The Sounds of Silence Do Not Exist.

This is what the family room sounds like when you have four small fries playing learning games on their little laptops. The sound of one child is irritating but when you amplify the noise of bells and clanging times four, it is just awful.

This is a tiny glimpse into why snow days suck.This is only 55 seconds of my world.

When school is out, I multiply this video approximately 600 times a day, adding whining, fighting, complaining, laughing, screaming, squealing, crying, and the never ending questions of when it is time for snacks. Of course they are not on their computers all day, so we can also add in the television, the pretend games, dogs barking, feet stomping, pirates, princesses, doors slamming, toilets flushing, phones ringing, musical instruments, singing, jumping, and about 389 other noises.

I am telling you right now, the sounds of silence do not exist. If there is a G-d, there will be school tomorrow.

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