Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It happened. Snowmageddon hit us and we are stuck inside. No School. No Mercy. An inch of ice covering the driveway.

We woke up to the no school automated recording at 6:00 this morning. The trees were coated with ice, the roads were awful and the worst was still ahead. SNOW MY GAWD.

I entertained the kids for the first few hours of the day. It was like a mini art school. I pulled out all the crafting supplies and watched Natalie sketch her siblings. She demanded that they stand in front of her and pose.

She is so bossy. Her drawings were actually pretty decent. The girl pays attention to detail.

CJ made masks from paper plates and a lollipop stick. He drew faces and held them up to his own while making the appropriate voices. It was clever and kept him busy for a while.

Eli was decorating the inside of a box to be a home for his zhu zhu pet. These are the area rugs he made and then cut out of the paper. Perhaps interior design is in his future. Yes, his favorite color is still pink and he sings show tunes. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

After the free for all art class was over, I broke out some seek and find Halloween coloring books. I bought them at Barnes and Noble huge red to clearance last week and was planning to save them for next Fall.

The kids could have cared less that these were Halloween themed, they were just all too happy to find the hidden objects and color the pages.

This brings us to hour three, where we realized it was trash day. I doubted the garbage trucks would show up, but never the less, with our size family, we can't skip a week. I had Mitchell schlep the containers to the curb. Here is a clip of the icy driveway, Eli coming over to investigate how bad it really was, and at the end Mitchell took a serious spill the street but I was turning off the video to help Eli before he slid under Jeff's car. Oh the joy. The sound effects of Eli are priceless. Life Lessons people, these are life lessons.

Things just got crazy the longer we were stuck inside. I was running out of projects so I gave the kids cleaning wipes and put them to work.
This fun task bought me another 5 minutes of mandatory activity.

When I was a kid I prayed for snow days. It was the highlight of winter on so many levels. Now, not so much. I not only do not like the cold weather, I fear the days when school is canceled and the kids are bored and driving me to an earlier happy hour.

I managed to survive it, barely.

The forecast does not look good for tomorrow. Back to back snow days? SNOW-MY-GAWd, I can't take it. Forget the eggs, milk and bread, send vodka and olives.


Aaryn said...

don't even complain! we got your storm plus 40+ inches of snow in the last month! we've been stuck inside for days at a time, oh i think 3 times now!!!!! and yes, we have half an inch of ice on the sidewalks too-not an inch, but at that point who cares?!?

and a lot of schools actually DIDN'T have a snow day today because they've used them all up already!

Michele S said...

There are no snow days in the desert! When are you moving?

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