Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here Today, Hair Tomorrow

I am vain. Vanity is a bitch. There are some things I just can't fake, like my thinning hair. I was shamed into abandoning my sheitel, and now I compensate for the missing locks by adding extensions.

I guess I have even more in common with Kate Gosselin now. Oy. Great.

For those of you who think extensions are just for Hollywood, pay attention. Hair is a rapidly growing business. No pun intended. The beauty industry is recognizing that more and more women are using this method to improve on what they already have. Getting fuller, longer or simply adding hair is relatively quick, easy and affordable. It can make a huge difference in appearance, just take a look.

Here are my before shots. Notice the fair amount of scalp showing, the baldy patches and the various weird lengths of my regrowth.

It ain't pretty. I am secure enough to post these on my blog because the after images really show the difference.

The hair is bonded to my real hair. It is added in very small pieces so that it blends right in.

Great Lengths extensions are made from human hair, so they act, feel and move as if the hair grew out of my scalp.

In about three hours I went from before to after. Keep in mind that the quality of the job is only as good as the stylist.

I owe it all to Veronica Lee at Hair Resources in Dublin. She rocks my world.

In case you are curious, the Great Lengths product and installation are not cheap. It costs about the same price as a 4-6 week up keep with professional cut, color and style, only with the extensions you go every 3-4 months for about the same cost. It is low maintenance because you wash, style and wear the hair like normal. I would guess that my friends with monthly salon visits spend more than I do over time.

This whole hair thing gives Jeff great comedic material. Fake nails, fake corneas, fake hair, and real boobs. He is hilarious.

Here today, hair tomorrow.

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