Monday, February 21, 2011

Hakuna Matata

edited to add photos:

Brunch and Shopping: The perfect way to start the day, especially on a Mommie-cation. It does not get any better than the world’s best brunch buffet at the Bellagio. Following this feast with bargain shopping in Primm is just adding icing to an already delicious birthday cake.

Before we headed to the Bellagio for brunch, I got my hairs did. Rachelle worked a little magic
with the flat iron, and I was transformed into a straight haired woman. Ladies who brunch and lunch have perfect hair you know.

We waited in what we thought was a ridiculously long line to be seated. Fortunately for us, the Bellagio does this brunch every weekend, and they have the crowd control under control. The line moved quickly and our wait was minimal. I was a little surprised to see the linego more than 500 people deep, given that we are in a recession. Clearly, our economy crisis excludes tourists from Europe and Asia, hung over convention goers, and the over 40 crowd looking to escape the husband and kids back home.

Our meal was extraordinary. I am not usually a fan of buffets because they scare me. I do not like standing in line to slop food on my plate. In all honesty, my elitest attitude prevents me from the trough mentality. Let it be publicly known that the Bellagio is different.

Cattle and Swine do not indulge on sushi, shrimp cocktail, and filet mignon.

We rolled out of there after our bucket list brunch. The only way to walk off our calories, was to do some touristy sight seeing within the botanical garden

in the lobby. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Foilage was followed by shopping cardio at the outlet mall in Primm. 45 minutes later, we arrived in the middle of no where Nevada, to visit my friends, Neiman Marcus, Mr. Tod, Mr. Bally, and Ms. St.John. I immediately ditched the other girls to maximize my work out. Even with the President’s Day sales, I did not find too much that was ebay worthy, or budget friendly. I scored a pair of Carlisle trousers (originally $315) for $9.95 and grabbed some tacky t-shirts for the kids to wear to summer camp. I raced around the mall and felt less stuffed to the gills for the drive back to the city.

While Rachelle and her friends saw the Lion King at the Mandalay Bay, I played some black jack. The cards were kind and I was able to win enough to pay for my brunch, shopping purchases and I even had enough left over to schedule a spa day for later in the trip.

After the show, we met up with my dear friend Thom Sesma, who plays Scar. He graciously gave us a little backstage tour and sneak peek at the set.
I had done this before, but it never gets old, and It was great to introduce Thom to my pride. We are a wild bunch of hyenas.

Say it with me folks., Hakuna Matata. That means no worries, for the rest of my days. Well, for the next two days anyway.

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