Saturday, February 19, 2011

Greeetings from 30,000 feet!

Here is an update from the first day of my Mommie-cation. Bye Bye sweet, snoring husband. Adios barky, farting dogs. See ya later kids, Mommie will be back soon.

I did not mention this little jaunt before now, for fear of jinxing myself. Usually, I blog in the past tense when I am out of town- for security reasons. This time, Jeff is at the homestead helm with Mitchell and Argenida, so I can report live in real time.

Thanks to the wi-fi connectivity on Southwest Airlines, I can actually blog at 30,000feet. How cool is that?

I am officially on my vacation. Destination: Las Vegas.

This is my girls’ trip to celebrate my older sister’s 40th birthday. No husbands, no kids, no worries. Woo- Hoo!

My travels started off with sheer chaos. Jeff and the kids dropped me off at the airport. After kissing all the small people and Jeff good-bye, I went to check my enormous suitcase (yes, it was way, way, way over the weight limit) with my favorite friend, Ray, the curbside skycap. I always tip first, before I present my I.D. and confirmation number. This is my secret weapon in not paying the ridiculous fee for my heavy luggage. Ray makes $10 on a single customer and I can check my humongous suitcase that is filled with my second already full, smaller roller bag. Packing a 20” wheelie suitcase inside my bigger suitcase allows me to shop for business, and not have to ship the merchandise home. Outbound, one checked two ton suitcase, and two moderately full bags coming home. CHA-CHING!

As soon as Jeff drove off and Ray asked me for my confirmation number, I realized my horrible mistake. I left my handy dandy i-phone at home, on the charger. How could I? My world is stored in that mobile device. In addition to being my sole source of communication, it houses my calendar, my emails, my address/phone book and all of my personal daily data. PANIC set in. Ray handed me his cell phone, I called Jeff and that amazing husband of mine went home to grab my phone. He made it back to the curbside check in point in 32 minutes flat. In the grand scheme of things it was not a big deal, but Jeff came to my rescue which is why I love him. Ahhhhh, my hero.

Note to Jeff: This does not give you license to forget stuff in the future. It simply negates some of the shit you have pulled in the past. Consider us even.

So... now I am sitting on my five hour, non-stop flight to Las Vegas. No kids in my immediate vicinity. I have my Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, my i-phone, my lap top and my sanity.

Viva Las Vegas.


Kerry said...

Have fun, and tell Rachelle happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

"older sisters birthday???"

ROFL - Papa

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Wah? yes, my cough cough cough older sister.

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