Monday, February 7, 2011

Gluten Free Choices

A few years ago, when CJ was diagnosed with Celiac disease, a gluten free diet was complicated. I am pleased to report than since then, I have noticed a dramatic rise in the awareness of observing a gluten free lifestyle. Going gluten free is popular.

I have gone gluten free too, and in doing so, I can report that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It has become common for restaurants to offer allergen free options, and gluten free is so popular that the trendy spots have even printed gluten free menus. I have learned to ask for the gluten free menu, and I am not so surprised when they actually bring me one.

We got another gluten free bakery in Columbus. The Cherbourg Bakery in Bexley offers a dedicated nut free, gluten free kitchen so their products are not contaminated or compromised. They offer all kinds of treats

and I can whole heartily recommend the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I bought five of them, gave each child one, sampled the remaining cookie, and wished I had purchased a dozen. I could pound these down any time.

Need a gluten free cake or a gourmet gift for a great gluten free friend? If you don't go to Cherbourg bakery, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Bringing a baked good from Cherbourg will score you brownie points, pun intended.

At Laguardia airport I was shocked to see these displays in the terminal snack bar.

The gluten free labeling made for a nice selection of products, and I felt as if I was not settling for something solely because it was gluten free. I was happy to see such a section available, because CJ will be gluten free for the rest of his life, and knowing that he has choices, even in an airport, makes me happy.

We are gearing up for Valentine's day. I am already plotting some tasty gluten free, red dye free, special sweets for my sweets. In addition to some items from Cherbourg Bakery, we will have all kinds of delicousness.

I have all the gluten free options, so will you be my gluten free Valentine?

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