Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fueling the Blog by Flying

I used to love flying. My preferred mode of transportation has always been airplanes. In the past, flying was civilized, fast, fun and glamorous. IN THE PAST, I said.

Fast forward to modern air travel. There are hassles, bogus security measures, and rarely are there not delays. I still love to fly, and now I get great blog material just for showing up for my flight.

Yesterday, I confessed about my new found voucher on Southwest. This will afford me future trips to exotic lands and destinations where sleeping, dining, shopping and seeing friends will further my blog posts. It is the circle of life in my neck of the woods. Flying off fuels the blog.

I finished my Vegas Mommie-cation, and made it to the airport just a day later than initially planned. Once at 30,000 feet I was happy to learn that our return flight had wi-fi internet access too. I caught up on all the latest and greatest, blogged, uploaded photos to facebook, and felt accomplished during the three hours I was wedged next to a stranger.

Imagine my shock and horror, when I glanced up from my own laptop and saw a man two aisles ahead of me on his laptop, watching PORN. He was viewing a downloaded movie on his 16" screen. There was no shame in his game as he stared at the naked ladies doing all kinds of nasty. I knew no one would believe me, so of course, I whipped out my i-phone and took a photo of him and his fetish film. Ewwwwww.

Much like the women of Savers drama, I had to share this experience with 988 of my closest facebook friends. My status update included this photo and a brief description to capture the moment. I wrote, "OMG ! The guy in front of me on the aisle is watching porn at 36,000 feet. Gotta love wi-fi on southwest."

The comments flowed freely throughout the remainder of my travel.

Here are some of the highlights and reactions to this unique situation:

"I can't quite make out the picture on the screen . . . next time focus better Helene."

"This happens on Northwest flights all the time. Although in fairness, it's just the pilots."

"Thats why I prefer to read! (JUGGs) LOL!"

"This gives new meaning to the term "Mile High Club"

"After all, it is the LUV airline!"

The whole time I was reporting my thoughts on facebook, I was chronicling the situation for this blog post. I am sorry, but initially, I started this whole blog journal as a way to capture all the funny and precious stories, material and photos of my kids. Now, we have morphed into my live reports from all over the globe, including my fellow passengers at 30,000 feet.

With my credit for future flights, one thing is certain. I am just fueling the blog by flying.

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