Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foreshadowing or Fate?

I have referenced my matchmaking skills in the past, mostly when I have compared myself with the likes of Patti Stanger and other yentas. But really, I do enjoy hooking my friends up, and seeing them happy.

My rolodex is now my facebook, so I can keep all the smiling faces handy. In case you are single and want to be fixed up, friend me and let's have fun.

Six years ago, Jeff and I saw our friend Nancy Opel as the Yenta in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway.I have known Nancy for about twenty years, because, I used to date her brother. Whenever we get together, it is laughs, and more laughs. Jeff is her biggest fan too, so seeing her on stage is a kick for both of us. Even though Nancy has played a gob of acting roles, my personal favorite was her part in Fiddler, because I could relate. It was as if she was mocking me, only on pitch.

I remember sitting in the Minskoff Theater with Jeff. We held hands, we smiled, it was a date night alone in NYC. Was it foreshadowing as I watched our friend play the matchmaker back then?

Fast forward to this weekend.

I have said, who needs J-date recently and I meant it. I got the extreme pleasure of fixing up Nancy's brother, my ex, with my friend in NYC. They had their first few dates last week, then we all went to dinner at the Beacon tonight. Of course my kvelling was at an all time high as I sat watching my matchmaking prowess unfold right before my eyes. It was magical. I could see it in Nancy's eyes, and we were both just so tickled to see two people falling in love.

Nothing pleases me more than to report, Beverly and John totally hit it off. They have been corresponding via e-mail, texts, and phone calls up until this weekend. This weekend was their first in person dating-palooza and thankfully, they clicked. Being a witness to this kind of spark is truly exciting. They look so happy together, right? So far, so good.

Beverly was in her element. She wanted the night to be perfect. It was the first time we would all gather for a meal, her friends, my friends, brothers, sisters and nieces. Our table for 8 was staged with the glittering stars of fairy dust, posh roses, gerbera daisies and other fresh flowers, place cards and twinkling votive candles.

Awww hell, even an ogre could have fallen in love with her special decorating touch and spin on the situation. You know how I gravitate toward creative types, don't get any better than this folks.

Dinner at The Beacon went for two and a half glorious hours. It felt like ten minutes. There were stories, jokes, travel tips, and romantic glances. Dinner was fabulous too, but it took a back seat to all the excitement of our group. I should have started this post with a question in the form of a joke- What do you get when you bring together a table of 8 with a Broadway Legend, A famous Italian jewelry designer, a Street Fighter, A diva shoe designer, and Mandarin Chinese Speaking 20 year old runway model (Nancy's daughter,Jillian), Helene Slutsky and her ex-boyfriend, John Opel?

Perhaps in retrospect, looking back to my yenta ways, it was fate. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was foreshadowing. Maybe it was fate. Regardless, we all had a blast, and now, I am waiting for my engagement ring. When they make it official, I get the ring. That is fate.

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