Saturday, February 26, 2011

Does the Tooth Fairy work on Shabbat?

I had a gluten free recipe ready to post today. Sometimes, I get good material in addition to my original concept. Last night was no exception.

I prepared a winner of a chicken on Thursday evening. It was kind of an experiment of sorts. I found this sauce to use as a base. Despite being store bought at Big Lots, this Panda Express sauce does not contain MSG, HFCS or any gluten ingredients or colors. It is made to be a bright color from Paprika, not dye. I decided to doctor it up, and add some serious nutrition and wing it.

I had grilled about 15 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts
in three shifts on the indoor grill, earlier in the day. I used the cut up, cooked chicken in this meal. You could use any kind of chicken you desire, but this made my concoction quick and easy.

I have an addiction to my zesting tool. This little gadget

zests citrus with thin shards of zest, it is perfection of this meal. For a few bucks I highly advise adding one to your kitchen. After I zested the entire orange in about 25 seconds, I cut the fruit in half and hand squeezed the juice right into the pot. Easy peasy. The zest and juice combo is what packs in all the really bright and fresh taste to this dish.

I basically threw all the ingredients into the crock pot (in layers) to cook through

and heat while I ran errands. In the future I will do it exactly the same because it just worked so well. Prep time of 7 minutes, cooking on low for an hour, and serving immediately.


8 grilled chicken breast cut into medium bite size pieces
1 pound broccoli florets
1 pound fresh asparagus cut into pieces
zest and juice of one large orange
2 cloves crushed garlic
1 bottle Sweet Chili sauce (panda express)

After the crock pot stewed all the flavors, cooked the veggies and allowed the orange zest/juice to really pop, the meal was finished. I served the chicken over steamed brown riceand garnished it with fresh orange wedges.

My four gourmands demanded we use chopsticks. They even paid me what I believe to be a sincere compliment. I was told that this chicken was as good as Pei Wei. How is that for wow-ing them?

We had planned to have leftovers of this exact meal for Shabbat, since I made enough to reheat or freeze. CJ however, requested mashed potatoes for our Friday night meal. Since he lost yet another bottom tooth,I honored his humble request. It wasn't until he squirted the potatoes through the now massive gaping front cave that I realized why he spoke up to ask for a substitute entree.

Who said the Shabbos table is boring? Clearly no one at our house, that is for sure!

With all the table talk about losing teeth, a question was posed by Rabbi Eli. "Does the tooth fairy work on Shabbat?" I had to stop and think about how I wanted to answer it. Given that the tooth fairy (moi) is Jewish, but is not shomer Shabbos, technically, yes, she could come on Shabbat. But realistically, I am not hoarding any gift cards to use for such an event. I answered honestly, and said, "Wow, that is an important question! Let's wait and see. We will put the tooth under the pillow, and if there is a gift in the morning, our question will be answered. If there is not a gift under the pillow, let's wait for Sunday morning and check back. Either way guys, we will get our answer!"

With that brilliant rationale, the kids went to bed right on time. Enjoy the weekend!

With Love,
The Gluten Free, Non religious but still Jewish, Tooth Fairy


asrubin10 said...

well-you can't forget the technicality that your gift cards are like money. thus, they are muktzah on shabbos....

bearie1 said...

So, what did the tooth fairy do?

I finally got to Big Lots today, no Panda Express Sweet Chili Sauce. :(

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