Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coupon Drama

After being gone for two days, I came home and made my grocery store list. You can't imagine how fast we go through fresh fruit and perishable food around here.

I scored a ton of Sunday paper coupon circulars this weekend. While waiting for our flight, I was scouring the random stacks of unwanted, leftover newspapers in the gate area. It was not the highlight of my trip, but it was close. Filling my coupon caddy is a high that I can't really articulate.

When the kids went off to school, I planned to cut out the coupons, file them and revise my list accordingly. Then, when my handy dandy, accordion style coupon caddy was missing, my heart stopped. I had no idea where it was or how it could have been misplaced. That green organizer goes with me everyday, except when I am jet setting in New York.

I tore the entire kitchen apart. Nothing. I searched my office. Zip. I ransacked the van and garage, still nothing. It was mysteriously just gone. I had not had this much trivial drama in a long time. Sad as it sounds, this kind of disaster eats me alive. I am filled with a panic like fear of the lost.

I had already accumulated another 20% off my total purchase discount at Giant Eagle and with my coupons stacked and filed I was ready to work my magic. I had high hopes for a whopping cart full of bargains. Where was my coupon caddy? It was making me insane.

Finally, I found it. Somehow, when I was cleaning out my tote, I stuck the coupon organizer on my desk at Jeff's office. Thankfully, it was right where I had left it, safe and sound, waiting for the newly printed coupons to join the party.

With my coupon drama behind me, I went to the Market District store and hauled out of there with two carts full of groceries. Before the coupons
and discounts, and afterwards. You can see why it would have killed me to do my weekly shop without the little scraps of clipped coupons. $156 is enough to make it worth my while.

I got home, unloaded all the food and marveled at myself. Then, to burst my bubble, Mitchell came home, surveyed the fridge and pantry and said, "When are you going to the store, we don't have anything to eat!" Before I could beat the living daylights out of him, he said, "We don't have anything good, we just have ingredients!"

Forget the coupon drama. I have bigger fish to fry, literally. Ingredients courtesy of Giant Eagle.


bearie1 said...

I'm impressed. That's a huge savings.

I used to hear the same thing from my kids. Tons of food in the house, but nothing to eat.

Lori said...

You are my hero! I really miss those Giant Eagle food perks! No one does them down here and the grocery store that does fuel perks is the crappiest one in town. I need a Market District/Eagles Nest/perks fix!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Lori. I would die. If I had to actually pay for a sitter every time I went grocery shopping I'd be broke and insane.

I'm sorry you moved away from nirvana.

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