Monday, February 14, 2011

Charlotte Celebrates Valentine's Day

Every once in a while, there are moments, when one of the four munchkins gets my undivided attention. Today it was Charlotte's turn to shine.Her Valentine's Day celebration at the Palace Preschool was truly spectacular.

There were tables upon tables of crafts and projects to complete.

Charlotte loves to do anything artsy, so these stations were right up her alley. The digital photos are my permanent collection of all these fine works.

She hung out with Pia, her bestest friend at school.

They played bingo, made Valentine themed mini snow globes, and spent the morning enjoying all the glory.

You know I adore her school, and have so much respect for her teachers. They do an amazing job, but look at this spread. Can I just tell you how much I appreciate the healthy snacks,

the focus on reading, and all of the pure joy they bring every single day? It is beyond words.

The parents were treated to a little show. Here is the sweetest rendition of SKIDAMARINK.

And yes, I had to spell check that.

We all watched the kids perform the Ball and the Jack song with the dance moves and hand motions.

Then, the preschoolers taught all the grown ups how to do it. Hopefully, I am not featured on any other Mommie Blogs or you tube- fingers crossed. Of course I had to video record all of it since Nana, Papa and Jeff could not be there to witness such cuteness in person. I will say that the video does not do our superstar justice.

I took gobs of photos because each of the moments were more darling than the next. It is amazing how much attention to detail there is for ONE CHILD. Charlotte got to be in every picture, without siblings competing for my eyes and ears. I love being able to give her this gift.

Charlotte celebrated Valentine's Day with us, all of us, because she is full of sugar and spice and everything nice. Today and always.

I love this girl.

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