Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ackle Surgery

Jeff has been complaining of pain in his knee all winter long. Some days it hurts more than others, so he finally agreed to get it checked with an MRI. It turns out he has a torn ACL, (anterior cruciate ligament) and will need surgery.

For the last two weeks I have made countless phone calls about this problem. Jeff needs a pre-surgery physical. The surgi-center has a few forms and pre authorization process. Our insurance carrier has their policies and procedures. Overall, I have spent hours conducting business about Jeff's ACL. Oh joy, the medical hoops we jump through, gah.

Eli has been paying attention. He may act like he is innocently sitting in his booster seat watching a DVD as I drive, but now, I have proof that he is listening to my conversations. Up until today, he thought I was spelling something so that he would not understand what I was saying.

According to Eli, Jeff has a torn ackle. His surgery is scheduled to repair the ackle. Eli's teacher asked if Jeff broke his ANKLE. I said, "Actually he has a torn ACL, and is going to have out-patient surgery later this month!" She laughed, and told me that Eli had informed of Jeff's ackle surgery.

Eli sounded out A-C-L, and thought I was spelling it out, rather than saying the actual word. The kid cracks me up. ACL or Ackle, regardless of how you pronounce it, we will be having it surgically repaired.

Good times, Good times.

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