Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You owe me an Apology

Lately, there have been several times when I have said, "You owe him/her an apology!" At age 5 it is obvious when you have wronged your sibling, or parent, and saying you are sorry is a life lesson.

Last night, Natalie was the worst offender. She was in one of her drama queen moods- I have no idea where she gets that? After all the bickering, whining and downright nastiness, I told her to sit in the corner until she was ready to behave like a solid citizen.

The howling continued from the corner. Magically, she perked up, quit whining and asked me for a pen and paper. I brought it to the naughty corner and was pleased that she gained her composure enough to entertain herself quietly while being punished.

A few minutes later I was handed this:

Ahhhhhh, yes. My methods are working. Apology accepted.


Aaryn said...

i can hear her saying it-just the way she wrote it!

btw-what happened to her curls?

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

She handed it to me and read it in her voice. Behavin, as in Ain't misbehavin, NOT.

Her hair is still curly but now it is more wavy when it is dry. It is all curls wet, but then dries kind of funky, as shown

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