Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Commeth

When CJ lost his front tooth two years ago, it fell out after a playground mishap. Technically, this did not count with the tooth fairy. You see, our neighborhood has one bad ass tooth fairy.

Fast forward to this afternoon at the library, when CJ told me his tooth was wiggly. I looked inside his mouth, had him use his tongue to show me, and sure enough, we had a very loose tooth. I got a photo of him just before the wiggler came all the way out. CJ was beaming with pride because he was the first of the triplets to have a tooth fall out. The competition is fierce over here.

The howling and whining was gawd awful. Natalie was downright pissed off that CJ lost his tooth first. She was throwing a complete hissy fit about the unfairness of it all.

She was complaining that CJ got to get glasses and she didn't. Wahhhhhhhhhhh! Now, he lost a tooth and she didn't. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! This poor child is so mistreated I tell you. How utterly unfair! It was bedlam at the library during her tirade, but I just smiled and nodded at the absurdity of the situation. When Natalie realized her behavior was not going to change anything, she gave up. My inner tooth fairy stayed strong through the pain.

Here is my guy after a few minutes of tongue thrusting on the bottom row.

That sucker came out with very little pressure, it was hanging in his gums. It looks absolutely adorable with his gaping space on top and bottom.

At dinner CJ showed his siblings how to squirt mashed potatoes through the hole. Good times.

Tonight, the tooth fairy will make her debut. Oh, the pressure to do this right. I am not sure there is a wrong way to do it, but sheeesh, the dynamics are complicated. If the fairy only brings something for CJ there will be mass hysteria in the morning. If the fairy brings a trinket for everyone it takes the WOW factor away from the person who lost their tooth. What to do...what to do?

I do not even know the going rate for baby teeth these days? Here in New Albany the kids probably get a c-note under their pillow. Like that will be happening? No way. Do you think the tooth fairy could leave a Cold Stone Creamery gift card?

I have a few hours to decide, but in the meantime, the tooth fairy is going to pour herself a smart cocktail and ponder the options. One thing is for certain, the tooth fairy commeth!


Anonymous said...

When you lost a tooth, both you and your little sister got something from the tooth fairy in the way of a starlight mint. You also got a quarter. Those were cheap days for teeth.


Joy Bach said...

Oh, the simple days. I was a single mom with three kids. I told them the tooth fairy came on a motorcycle. Put some flour on the sheet and make a tire track in it, from one of their cars. They got a quarter.

Anonymous said...

the tooth fairy leave $1 at our house. If she's on her game it's a "gold" dollar. If not, it's whatever she scrounges up. Took her 3 nights to show up this week. Must have had bad intell or something.

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