Saturday, January 15, 2011

This time 5 years ago...

My friend Meredith has been updating her facebook status with daily looks back in photos. On this day, in the year XXXX, and the caption and photo reveal the past. I love seeing her girls back in the day.

Today, I am stealing her concept. I went back into my photo files and looked at the images from January 2006. Ahhhhh, the trip down memory lane. It was a time in my life where I had three very fragile infants, little sleep and virtually no time to do anything other than feed and change three babies. I was on a day to day survival mode, and as you can imagine, it was nothing but one smile and one diaper change after another.

Life was like CJ is showing us in this photo, cute and full of attitude- notice CJ giving us the finger.

We had our hands full. Everywhere we went, everyone commented, " Triplets? Oh, whoa, you have yours hands full." No shit Sherlocks- we did. We specifically posed for these images to demonstrate the saying, literally.

But when I peer back at the photos, it does bring back those cozy, dreamy, snuggling baby days I truly miss. Nothing smells more heavenly than these sweet little neck rolls after a bath.

Every night was the same, we slept when we could. Some nights more than others.

This time five years ago was a blip in our path to where we are today. The days are LONG but the weeks fly by.

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FĂȘte Foreign said...

Such a sweet post . . .and I agree with your last sentence - "The days are long, but the weeks fly by."

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