Friday, January 7, 2011

The Target 75% off SALE, Behold The Scene of the Crime

It all happens twice a year. Moms all across the country scramble to stock the birthday gift closets, and buy a season ahead for their families. The Target 75% off clearance sale on toys and clothing started today in Columbus.

I stumbled upon the sale because Costco did not open until 10:00. I drove up to Polaris to get a few things at Costco but ended up at Target first. It was a blessing in disguise. I hit the jackpot. Everything happens for a reason.

When I cruised the bike helmet section looking for new gear, I saw the sign in the distance. Could it be a mirage? I went closer and closer, honing in on the toys.
Sure enough, they had marked down the selections to 75% off. I snagged anything in my ideal price range for future birthday parties. (if you are reading this post and our kids are classmates, please know that your child's gift was purchased with loving care even though it was deeply discounted. (blowing kisses to you, mwah, mwah, xoxoxox, ok?)

I went into Target for bike and scooter helmets and I won the clearance timing lotto. I did get helmets that were on clearance by the way. I was not totally distracted and high.

After filling the cart chock full of toy treasures, I hustled over to the kid shoe racks. With my four and Rachelle's two, there are 12 feet that are always needing new shoes. I guesstimated the sizes for next Fall and even doubled up on the boys shoes. At $4.24 a pair, it was a no brainer. I did this last year, and if you recall, stocked up then too. It would kill me to pay anywhere close to full price for school shoes that eventually get ruined, or outgrown in a few months.

I asked the cashier to take a photo of me in my crime scene.She laughed and asked if I was going to upload that to my facebook status. I smiled, and told her I would do that later, after I hit two more Target stores between there and the preschool. I am not that stupid. Like I was going to start a frenzy in my own playground? Please! I did text Michele in Las Vegas, but she is not local competition, so it was a safe move. You owe me Michele.

Here is my van after the first store.I bagged things by size and gender so that unloading would be easier. For those of you that are new to this, take note- this ultra organizational move makes it so much simpler to toss the stuff aside until you can deal with it. No pain, no gain, right?

Take a peek at the load of mostly boys toys.I find that buying for girls is much easier, and it is the guy gifts that are harder to score on sale. Roboraptors and The Moon in My Room are going to be perfect additions to any boys collection of crap that is Made in China. I say that in the kindest possible way.

When it comes to cute shoes, my four are set. These boots, school shoes,

and slip on loafers are neutral, and DO NOT LIGHT UP. I refuse to purchase blinking shoes at any price. At $4.24, these are a total deal, even if some six year old in China earned forty cents a day making them. I know, that was low even for me, but in my frugal stupor, in the good old US of A, that is the way it is my friends. Sue me.

Mark this date as another Target haul. I left the third Target store just in time to pick up the beneficiaries of my good fortune. There was barely enough room in the van, but they did not even notice that their booster seats were at a 90 degree angle from the stacks of bags behind them.

The scene of the crime has officially been revealed. BULLS EYE!


Lori said...

Crap! I hope it hasn't started here. Usually there is some advanced notice from people on TC or FB. I want bargains! When I was in Target on Wednesday they were reoranizing the toy section and some stuff was already marked down. I hope 75% doesn't hit here until next week when the kids are in school. I got a lot of good stuff in July and don't want to miss it.

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

I was at my Target in Canton today.. No where near what you have:(.. Toys were mostly 30% off. a handful up to 50% and I saw 1 item that was 75%! Almost no shoes at all!!!!! Bummer..

Michele S said...

We are STILL at 30 percent today. The kids' birthday is in 10 days. I'm going to VOMIT.

Aaryn said...

just checked out a target in ny-no big sale :(

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