Thursday, January 6, 2011

R.I.P. Road Kill Kitty

I have waited for months to post about the beloved Road Kill Kitty Cat. (RKK) It is with great pleasure, that I write the obituary for Natalie's lovie, also known as the Road Kill Kitty.

Road Kitty Kitty 2005-2010.

They had a good run of five years together and now, he has been gone since November, I believe it is time to post. Up until now, I was afraid to jinx myself.

Farewell stinky cat, you will not be missed around here, as far as I am concerned.

What started as a baby gift to honor Natalie's birth, morphed into an obsession. This flat animal shaped blanket thingy was white and pink, fluffy with a satin edge when he first arrived back in October of 2005. He was sent from Denver (thanks to my cousin Arlene) and at first, I believed it to be the ugliest flat animal blanket I had ever seen.

Jeff and I thought it was a bear, but when Natalie referred to it as the kitty, it instantly became just that. After all, the flat blanket part looked as if the thing had been run over in the road- thus giving us the nick name. We called it Road Kill Kitty and as Natalie learned to talk, she too appreciated the nick name.

After nightly use and abuse, the poor dear was dingy, grey and frazzled. When I realized the kitty was "the" soother, I went online, and snagged a back up Road Kill Kitty, that is really a birthstone teddy bear blanket, called My Bankie. In all my years of being a nanny, I knew how important it was to put another Road Kill in the rotation. With proper and equal loving, several sanitizing washing cycles, it would make them interchangeable--should, G-d forbid, one of the cats get lost or go missing, we would have a spare. I feared the night we would not be able to rely on RKK to get Natalie to sleep on time.

Both of our RKK had surgeries over the last few years. Every time we visited Nana or vice versa, a needle and thread was necessary to repair the damage. Dr. Nana had to suture up the kitties and replace missing limbs, tack the satin trim and one trip, she had to do some cosmetic work to the tail. All said and done, Natalie and her Nana bonded over the surgeries.

At one point, RKK was looking very sad. The constant love and nightly affection from a child can do that to a kitty.

The poor dear was haggard, blind, and discolored beyond Oxy Clean and bleach.

The time had come to wean Natalie off of the kitty. She turned five and we discussed donating the Road Kill Kitty to another baby in the NICU. (this was my idea, and we went with it, minus actually taking the germ infested, weather beaten cat anywhere near fragile newborns) Natalie believes the kitty is now living with another baby that needs him. How sweet, right?

Can I get an Amen? We are footloose and fancy free now. Rest in peace, Road Kill Kitty Cat. Rest in peace.

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laughed SO hard through this entire post.


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