Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Parsha Party

The kids completed the studying of all the parshas in Sefer Beraishit. They have now learned everything they need to know, while still in kindergarten. With all that knowledge, it was time to party.

There was a ceremony with certificates and medals. Each child posed with their teacher

who was beaming with pride at all of her beautiful scholars. There was singing, and a little show where each child had a real speaking part.

This was followed by brownies and juice, and plenty of hugs from all the parents.

Once again, every real house husband in Franklin County was in attendance but mine. Perhaps next time I will guilt him into it. Where is that chapter of the parsha?

On the way home from the party, all four triplets were discussing various subjects. The highlight of my drive included listening to four very different interpretations of the event. Eli gave Charlotte a lesson in davening, and Natalie was arguing with CJ about the lyrics in a song they sing during benching time at school. All my kids have such different personalities- and they are all so stubborn. Where do they get it?

Speaking of stubborn, I have not mentioned it, but Natalie was sent to the principal's office twice this week. Much like the ride home from school, I have gotten three different versions of the reason and three different accounts of the details. I will bet money that my version is most accurate. The teacher asked her to do something she did not want to do, and she refused, maybe not even in a nice way? Oy, now I have to go to the Principal's office. Gee thanks.

Ahhhh, nothing starts the weekend right like a party and scheduled conference with the lower school principal.

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