Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nacho Momma

One of our favorite meals is make your own nachos. I can set out all the various toppings and each person can create their own masterpieces. It is fun to watch the kids custom make their meal.

With a gluten free child, and a weight watchers husband, nachos are a safe bet. Jeff can use the ground turkey, low fat cheese, beans, rice and fat free sour cream.

CJ loads up with guacamole and black beans- his favorites. Sure, it is a mess, but they eat a ton and I can sit back and relax since it is a buffet. I am nacho waitress!

I was teasing the kids at dinner. I said, "I am nacho momma!" "I am nacho waitress!" They just looked at me with blank stares. I repeated myself. I emphasized the NOT YO MOMMA. Finally, after the third time, Eli said, "Oh, you guys, Mommie is making a word joke!" She is saying not your momma that makes nachos. Get it? They all laughed and took turns saying, "I am nacho daughter, or I am nacho son!"

I am hilarious!
Your Momma

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