Monday, January 17, 2011

My Mad Scientists

With Nana and Papa in tow, we spent the entire day at COSI. I took over 100 photos documenting our adventure in science. After reviewing all the images, I concluded that in addition to being little gourmands, my kids are truly mad scientists.

I am not sure who had more fun today, the kids, or Papa.

After all, COSI is a children's science museum, and there is not a bigger child that my father. My mom spent a good portion of her day keeping track of Papa so he would not wander off or be left behind our group. I felt her pain.

The gecko installation began this week and it was full of information about the creatures.

The kids went from case to case trying to spot the various geckos. It was like Where's Waldo or I Spy only with real live animals.

We saw the LIFE exhibit which featured a display case filled with the actual size conception to birth models. I showed the triplets all the visuals and pointed out that they were born at 27 weeks, or in the 7th month of gestation. Seeing that fake fetus kind of freaked me out a little. Flashbacks much? The kids were mesmerized though

and they loved seeing how small they were at birth. Charlotte was quick to make mention of her large size at birth compared to the triplets. She gets that she was the biggest of my babies, and the last one born.

Without question, the highlight of the experience was the gadget cafe. We made a reservation for two tables, and at 1:00 we were given a real computer to take apart. There were tools and goggles used to disassemble each computer.

The kids were loving the idea, but Papa stole their thunder. He insisted on doing most of the labor, and at one point all the kids were at one table working and Papa was left to his own devices. No one wanted to play with Papa because he was not sharing.

It was so thrilling to watch the kids clipping wires, unscrewing panels and removing the guts of the computer. Papa on the other hand, was micromanaging the recycling process because he felt the parts had a resale value. Whatever. Nana and I just laughed.

Thankfully, we were not responsible to putting the machines back together. This was just an adventure in science and gadgetry. The fun continued in other areas of the building. We had to drag Papa out of the place and promise him Jeni's ice cream as a bribe to get him to leave. He is my mother's problem, not mine. THANK GAWD.

The afternoon concluded with a scoop of ice cream and the promise of another visit to COSI very soon. I think I am going to sign Papa up for summer camp. I wonder if they have a session for seniors?

I survived taking all the mad scientists to COSI. Barely. Mommie's next field trip is to a day spa. The only science I want to discover includes aromatherapy and reflexology.



Aaryn said...

sigh...the old COSI was SO much better!

And I had always been told those are real fetuses.....(I believe there used to be a sign about disturbing it's possible they are)

bearie1 said...

The new COSI looks pretty wonderful. I would be pushing the kids out of the way to take apart the computer also. But I'd want to stay and put it back together as well. Elaine

Mona Baker said...

hope you saw models, when this exhibit passed through they were the real thing ;(, glad you did not know at the tie if that is the case

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