Friday, January 28, 2011

Laughing with Larry

I went to Barnes and Noble to redeem a store credit that had been in my wallet for years. I was afraid I would misplace the card eventually, and stopped in to spend it yesterday.

The clearance books are always my first stop. I noticed an entire section of Holiday books and gifts that were marked with a big red dot of a sticker. These red dotted items were now $2 regardless of the original retail price. Sadly, there was nothing I needed, wanted or liked on the entire banquet sized table.

I stumbled upon my friend Larry Winget's book,in hardback. I quickly called Larry to see if he wanted the reduced priced inventory. Being married to an author myself, I know that sometimes, the in store clearance price is cheaper than wholesale. I bet when Larry bought his own inventory he paid more than two bucks a pop.

It wasn't until I called Larry that I even noticed the product placement. Here he was right next to The Sex Starved Wife. I had to laugh and wonder if this section was called self help for a "reason?"

I know It is called work for a reason, and clearly, as I blogged before,
My kids are my own fault, and that People are Idiots, but in this case, I needed to shut up, stop whining, and get a life. I am just smiling and laughing with you, not at you Larry.

And no, I did not buy either of the $2 self help classics.

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