Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Category, WTF?

I have been meaning to post this for some time, but life has gotten in the way of my regular posting schedule. Charlotte has had a weird virus, we have been hit with nasty winter weather, and every night when it is time to unwind with an adult beverage, I have chosen to hit they hay instead of hitting the sauce. Priorities.

Anywho, here are some things that I put in my WTF category. These products and services are beyond comprehension. See for yourself.

Introducing, Bebe doos. These headbands and bows come with the fake hair piggy tails already attached. Even bald babies can look super stylish now. See the stunning transformation with before,
and after! Ummmm, okay, I get the whole wearing fake hair thing, duh, but on babies? Seriously? What is next, colored contacts and flipper teeth? Please. Make it stop. I am calling these Bebe Don'ts.

I went to Toys R Us to redeem a gift card the kids got for their birthday. I bought some more bendaroos, but saw this game first.Gassy Gus. The board game that got my attention for all the wrong reasons. After reading about the game: "How much gassy food do you think Gus can handle before he lets 'em rip? Why not find out by playing this hilarious 2-4 player game! Simply keep feeding Gus broccoli, baked beans, and other gut twisting foods and look out - Gus may expel his massive amounts of gas when you least expect it! So much fun! " I shook my head in disbelief. Who buys this crap? With an 18 year older brother, the last thing these kids need is a board game about farting. Fahgetaboutit, Gassy Gus, we have Blowing Butt Big Brother! (Mitchell)

McDonald's has introduced a new fruit and maple oatmeal. The problem is that the breakfast treat does not contain Maple Syrup.Ooopsie. WTF? Apparently the state of Vermont has stipulations on how the word maple can be used in advertising. Maple is Vermont's $6 haircut story, I get that, I really do. How can a product go through R&D, focus groups, and tastings and no one looks to see if the crap actually has maple syrup in it? Watch for McDonald's newer oatmeal called faux-maple flavored oatmeal. Gimme a break.

There are some who may wonder, how is a dog food tested for "better flavor" or improved taste. My friend Stephanie posed this question on facebook with this photo
for added visual effect. Much like Stephanie, I too have a dog that does not speak English and is unable to communicate his preference in his chow. He does however eat Pennylane's frozen dog shit from the yard, so I doubt his opinion would provide credible reviews. Who walks down the pet food aisle and chooses dog food because of the new improved flavor? Not me. I buy the kind that is on sale, has a coupon, is available in bulk, and I always purchase the brand that claims to reduce the amount of dog shit the dogs create. Now that would be a best selling our dog food and your beloved pooch will poop less.

So folks, that is it for now. With all the stupidity in the world, I will be back with more WTF posts soon. Unless I am too busy eating maple-flavored oatmeal, playing gassy gus, and watching my dogs eat kibble.

The Queen


FĂȘte Foreign said...

I love these kinds of post. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I'm a bit of a lurker but a huge fan.

Just call me Mommy said...

I Loved this post! So true the pet food.

Anonymous said...

No maple syrup, just maple flavor with the oatmeal. I'll try it next time I have breakfast at McD's.


Mona Baker said...

helene, check this link to see who wears them,,20448847,00.html
mona (i didn't even like baby sweatbands, much less the wigs)

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