Saturday, January 22, 2011

Biaggi's Gluten Free Dining in Fort Wayne

Jeff and I had the pleasure of spending a "romantic getaway" in Fort Wayne Indiana this past weekend. While you may not think of Fort Wayne as a hot spot, for us, it was delightful. We left the kids at home and spent time with Uncle Silvan.

We discovered that Biaggi's at Jefferson Pointe has a gluten free menu. I was really surprised at the choices and variety. They even offered a gluten free flat bread
with the salad course, and it was a tasty, crunchy alternative to the regular breads.

I ordered a Caesar salad from the gluten free menu. Thankfully, I am avoiding gluten for my intolerance, not because I have Celiac disease. I spotted several regular croutons in my salad, despite having specifically ordered it without. For me, it was okay to just pick them out and deal with it, but for CJ it would have been catastrophic.

My entree was fabulous, and the penne with pesto sauce on the side was delicious. The rice pasta was cooked al dente, which is rare in a restaurant. I inhaled the dinner and enjoyed the company of two of my favorite guys.

The Biaggi's dinner was the perfect way to conclude our 40 hour escape from the chaos that is our life. If you are dining gluten free in Fort Wayne, try a meal at Biaggi's. Just be certain your server is aware of your needs.

Bon Appetit from me to you.

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Gluten Free Fort Wayne said...

Thanks for reminding me why I hesitate to go back there! I know plenty of people dine gluten free there all the time and love it, but the one time I went there, I got violently ill.

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