Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Uncle Steve Rizzo is scared of wiping tushies

Steve Rizzo and Jeff have been best friends for years. They have a history. They take turns making each other laugh and they try to gross each other out with stories from their pasts.

The best part of having a funny man in your life is sharing the laughter and enjoying the humor. Here is a clip of our favorite friend, Steve Rizzo

All fine and good, but I have unearthed a little fact about Steve.

Steve Rizzo, the motivational speaker and comic, is scared shitless of little kids.

Once you find someone's hot button, you push it. While Uncle Steve is here in Columbus working/visiting, he will find every possible excuse NOT to see our children in person. He will lovingly look at their photos, comment on their darling smiles and grins, but when it comes down to sitting in the same room- ain't gonna happen.

Jeff and I know this, we respect it, and we tease the daylights out of Steve about it. We can do it because we are friends and we love him all the same. We take turns jabbing that hot button.

Uncle Steve, here is a little video just for you.

Consider this spending time with the kids.

And you thought the comedy clubs were a rough crowd? Talk about some hecklers- these kids do not stop shouting, and they get you! Since they pay attention to every friggin detail they know you are bald, have an earring, drink wine, wear nail polish, and were afraid you would drop them when they were little. All true.

Natalie truly believes the crap that Jeff makes up and tells her, so if you ever decide to set the record straight for the sake of your reputation amongst the kindergarten crowd, you have got a lot of work to do.

Perhaps you can print out this blog post and wipe your own tushie with it?

This video was made right after the Ohio State versus Michigan football game, and the closing remarks were added spontaneously. Mitchell's strong influence on these kids becomes more obvious every damn day- thus the Poop on MICHIGAN comment.

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