Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two Dog Night

Simon and Garfunkle sang of the sounds of silence. In my bed there is no such thing. Between Jeff, Charlotte, Pennylane and Lenny, I am serenaded in snoring stereo all the time.

Most nights are a symphony of sounds but last night was a concert of epic proportions. In addition to the music coming from our baby, we had the Jack Russell terrier duo chiming in.

The photos of Charlotte snuggling in sweet slumber with her dogs are darling.
It does not get any cuter than seeing them all cozy in the covers.

This is what it sounded like as I shot the video clip with my i-phone.

You can hear the various snoring from each of the three guests in my bed.

Who needs a diddy from Three Dog Night when I have this kind of music playing during our two dog night? Perhaps the sounds of silence are overrated?

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