Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This is a selfish post. I am shamelessly showing off my favorite images of last 8 years or so. My oh my, how far we have come as a family.

I recently asked Jeff to take all the digital photo files off of my old hard drive, and put them on a memory stick for safe keeping. I felt the need to back up my pictures for fear of the unknown. I have not backed up in G-d knows how long and it would KILL me if I could not recover all of my precious photo memories.

It is done. The last eight years have been stored for safe keeping.


Can you imagine if I had lost these snaps taken in our life before kids. Notice my thick luxurious hair, Jeff's darker, curlier locks, and of course our unfrazzled, relaxed smiles.

What an enormous relief! I highly recommend this to anyone who painstakingly takes as many photos as I do. I feel inspired to organize and get even more things crossed off my list.

I am starting with my home office. Before I unplug my computer, re coil all the cords, dust, and move my desk across the room, I had to know that the photos were not going to be lost in a single mishap. Now that I have that peace of mind, I am taking a few minutes to jog down memory lane.

I can relax knowing that these cute faces and places are mine to keep.

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