Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Songs

Every night when I put Charlotte to sleep, I plug my i-phone into the charger, play some tunes, and snuggle next to her and Pennylane. It is the sweetest moment of most days.

Normally, I tell her the name of the song and the artist as it is playing. We get about three songs into the play list before she is the land of nod. By song four or five she is sawing logs. I always play her choices first, then cue up my own faves.

She has become familiar with the many songs available and has clear favorites.

Over the last few weeks, Charlotte has been requesting certain songs from my music library. The girl has an opinion nowadays, and she makes it clear that she wants to hear specific songs. Fair enough.

This week she has asked for:

The Apricot Scarf Song
The Nobody Song
The Helping Hand Song

Like you, I was unclear as to the titles based on her description. Upon further questioning I discovered the real names of the songs.

This is the Apricot Scarf Song-
Your scarf it was apricot. Gotcha. I would have guessed it instantly if, Charlotte had asked for the clouds in my coffee song. Thank you Carly Simon and David Geffen(?) or is it Warren Beatty (?)Whoever it is, my daughter loves you, you're so vain.

I did not have a clue about "the nobody song" so I asked Charlotte to sing it, which she could not do. Then, in a moment of clarity, she told me, Nobody loves me better than you by Chocolate Khan. Chocolate, Chaka, what is the difference when you are three years old. This one is for you.
Chocolate Khan can really sing it- I know my friend Wende will love this butchering of the name.

As for the helping hand song, it took me days to figure it out. I kept probing Charlotte to tell me more since she repeatedly asked me to play the helping hand song. It clicked when she said, when you are in trouble and you need a helping hand song. Sure, BINGO, James Taylor, You've got a friend.
But of course, to brighten up even the darkest nights!

Tonight as I put my darling daughter to bed, I cued up these three songs first, so she could hear them as she fell asleep dreaming of Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. It was song number four that did the trick tonight. Rupert Holmes and I both like the smell of the ocean and the taste of champagne.

Good night Sunday- we have enjoyed your songs.

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Anonymous said...

your three-year-old falling asleep to 'ain't nobody' and 'you're so vain' - I am simultaneously giggling and teary - it is hilarious and adorable - and as if all that weren't enough:

I am not into yoga, I.AM.IN.TO.CHAM.PAGNE.

so glad you blog!

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