Friday, December 10, 2010

Stage Fright All Right

For weeks now Charlotte has been practicing her songs for the preschool holiday show. I have listened to her singing the dreidel song, jingle bells and other festive tunes. She belts out the holiday classics like nobodies business!

Before things got underway at the event, I snapped some photos of Charlotte loving on the kids, the scene and

our girlie posing with her best friend, Pia. The foyer of the school looked so pretty and it was fun to see the families there in mass.

We were all so excited to attend the holiday show at the Palace Preschool. It was an evening concert with a cookie exchange afterwards. The triplets, Jeff, Argenida and I all supported our baby by sitting in the folding chairs as the 3-4- and 5 year olds entertained us.

There were moments of joy for all the kids as they assembled on the stage. The paparazzi of parents took gobs of photos as the cuties stood there waiting to start.

Our baby seemed quiet and nervous. She barely smiled or made eye contact with us. It was so unlike her.

As the songs were shouted out, Jeff and I noticed that Charlotte stood there, frozen. She did not sing a note and appeared to be on the verge of tears. She kept turning around to see if Pia was still behind her.

I was worried that something was really wrong. POBRECITA as Argenida kept saying. The poor baby.

After the show

she proceeded to chow down a plate full of assorted cookies, and all seemed fine. I asked Charlotte why she did not sing and she said, "I guess I got some stage fright." OMG, seriously- how did she even know what stage fright is? Do three year old girls know that term and understand the context? Mine does!

Jeff drove Charlotte home in his car and took the remainder of the troops in the van. As we all pulled into the driveway at home, Jeff informed me that Charlotte serenaded him during the 25 minute car ride. She sang every song from the show, did the hand motions and was belting out the tunes to the point where he had to tell her to use an inside voice.

The drama never ceases to amaze me over here. I suppose we can add stage fright to the list now. What is next?

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