Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Show Goes On

Now that the kids are in kindergarten, they are learning about each and every holiday in the Jewish calendar. I have listened as they have practiced all the Hebrew blessings, prayers, songs and skits. The show goes on every day before and after school. My drive time is now peppered with bits and pieces of religious information, translations and Torah portions. It is awesome.

As with all formal education performances, the parents are encouraged to attend. As I sat with the Real Housewives of Franklin County, I noticed that all the Househusbands, grandparents, and nannies were in the sanctuary too. The Hanukkah show 2010 was a hit with everyone except my children's father. It was standing room only for this kindergarten concert.

Since our very own grandparents could not be there, here is a you tube digest of the Hanukkah event.

I recorded a glimpse of the show for the blog, not realizing that everyone else was watching it live, right then and there. Sadly my kids will not see their father in the audience at these events-- because, he has a job. I guess all the other Daddies are self employed or able to use personal time for these kinds of precious moments. It is times like this when I wish Jeff was still his own boss. I was not sure if I was sad or glad that he was working and could not be there. Let me stew on that a little before I completely decide, okay?

As I left the performance I was smiling. I was proud of my three superstars. Remember when I thought they were speech delayed? Look at these preemies now.

The show has definitely gone on. Kindergarten and is show time!


Meredith said...

Don't feel bad, my husband is never able to attend these shows either. This is why I'm so good with a video camera. :) It was a good one this time though, wasn't it?

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Thanks, next time we will sit together and video tape it for our men.

It was a good one. Short and sweet. I love it when we go first and then can sneak out.

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