Monday, December 13, 2010

See Here, Get it Free HERE!

I do not know how long this promotion will last, and since time is of the essence when redeeming on line deals, HURRY up, and check this out!

See Here is offering 50 free 4x8 photo cards, and when you buy ten more thus ordering 60 cards, they are shipped free basically for $5.23 (including the tax in Ohio) you get 60 photo cards shipped right to your door. On days like today, when it is bone chilling cold, windy and nasty, it is kind of fun to take advantage of this kind of bargain.

Go to the site, create your 4x8 photo cards, (they do not have to be seasonal, so if you send Happy New Year, or need any kind of photo announcement or thank you cards, you can make those too) upload your image, then customize the text to your liking and add or remove the graphics to personalize the greetings even further. Add 60 of the finished product to your cart, and upon check out enter the promo code 50cards. This will adjust the price to under $5 before tax. They will arrive with envelopes ready to send out. Easy Peasy.

I am scrambling to make some fun cards for my grandmother- we have an image of her with all six great grandchildren, and I am thinking it would be so cool for her to thank people for attending her event by sending them this photo.Ohhhhh! So nice. How often do you see a 100 year old with six great grandchildren- all smiling, all looking at the camera, all decorated in color coordinated clothing? Exactly- thus the urgency to create something magnificent. For free!

Have fun- make some beautiful photo cards on me....then pour yourself a gingerbread latte while you bask in the glory.

The Queen

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bearie1 said...

This is just a great picture!

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