Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One out of Three Blind Mice

Considering that both Jeff and I have curly hair, poor vision and needed orthodontics, the chances of us having straight haired, 20/20, Straight Pageant toothed grinning child was slim. Very slim. Add into the mix a multiple gestation, premature delivery with our fine genetics and the odds are even more grim.

Fortunately, we make cute kids. They are cute as can be with their curly hair, crooked teeth and as we discovered today, their mediocre vision. When the school nurse referred them for eye exams, I knew we were in for trouble. Three appointments with Vision Professionals in New Albany later, it is confirmed. CJ needs glasses and the other two are on a 6 month wait and see. (literally)

The pediatric eye doc was amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Jaclyn Paskiet. She was patient, thorough, kind and friendly. I think the kids enjoyed their exams so much. She made it fun and interesting to them.

All the gadgets, goggles, glasses and lights kept them engaged. All three of them had back to back appointments and I felt sorry for her by the time we left- it was exhausting.

Dr. Paskiet gently dilated their eyeswith cold drops, to further check their vision. Everyone cooperated and got to pick a treasure
from the highly coveted treasure box. With their toys in hand they donned some old lady cataract wrap around sunglasses and posed for this image.

Meet the one blind mouse and his sister and brother. They might look like three blind mice, but I can assure you, after the marathon of eye exams, only one needs glasses.

I shudder to think of how long CJ will be able to wear his glasses before he disassembles them, crushes them, or worse, misplaces them. He is his father's son you know. This is the same kid that at age 14 months, used his fingernails to remove 9 screws from his crib during nap time. Oy, the agony ahead. Let's see how long he can have the unbreakable glasses before he destroys them. Any guesses?

This post will be continued tomorrow when I take CJ back to the office of Vision Professionals for his fitting. I could not bare to think of staying there any longer with all three of my mice. By the time we left they were scurrying around and driving me crazy- so I scheduled CJ to select his frames and get measured by himself. Tomorrow. My lone blind mouse.

So in the spirit of the law of averages, I guess two out of three ain't bad. I guess I should go online and create a remix of Meatloaf and Mother Goose. FML.


bearie1 said...

One can only hope that he is so proud of his new glasses and the fact that he is the only one who "got" to have them that he will take good care of them. Like I said, one can only hope. Good Luck!

Melanie said...

Since we have one blind mouse (same prescription as my grandfather), and one very destructive soft of blind mouse I cannot say enough about flex frames! They are not as cute as some of the others, but we found some decent wire rimmed ones. Also, get the insurance on them. Its worth it if they do get destroyed! We also get a special lens that prevents the blind mouse to not have coke bottle eyes.
Our insurance covers one pair of glasses every two years and glasses only last one year for us, so be prepared to bleed money. We also had to get prescription goggles for swim lessons and now sports glasses for Tae Kwon Do.

Aaryn said...

i got glasses when i was 4! now that makes for some really GREAT pictures (sense the sarcasm?)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

He is proud, and excited. Melanie, I am all over the warranty frames. ALL OVER THEM

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