Friday, December 3, 2010

The Miracle of Pediatric Dental Surgery

I often joke that I would rather have a root canal than do certain tasks. My standard reply to requests is sometimes, "No thanks, I would rather have a root canal." People just "get it" when I say no thanks with that analogy. That is a serious NO!

Perhaps I am being punished for casting such a negative light on dental surgery. Two of my three preemies have now faced dental surgery, including four root canals. I will find a new way to say "NO" and I will not jinx myself by answering questions with, "I would rather have a c-section" or "I would rather have another set of triplets." I know better. With my sarcastic tongue and G-d's keen ears, you never know, you never know.

Natalie had major dental surgery yesterday on the second day of Hanukkah. With Dr. Gerald Kassoy in charge, I can report without hesitation, "A great miracle happened here!" Natalie was a real trooper and she did not have any pain or fear at all.
This is largely due to how comfortable Dr. Kassoy made her feel. The dental anaesthesiologist was Dr. Smiley. Yes, that is correct, SMILEY.How can you not laugh at that- even if your child is about to face surgery. As a testimonial to the whole surgical process with Dr. Kassoy, Natalie was completely fine before, during and after the procedure.

The great blessing in this whole dental drama is that Natalie has just undergone major dental surgery without associating the experience with pain or dread. She has no recollection of horror about the dental drama. I would be willing to bet she kind of enjoyed the exclusive attention of so many people, Mommie and Daddy included.

Perhaps, after such a fun day at the hospital, you will be able to ask Natalie a question and in total opposition to her mother, she will say, "Sure, but can I have a root canal first?"

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Wiz said...

I'm not in the pediatric age but your blog convinced me to go to Dr. Klassoy for any of my dental needs! Neil Baum....the Whiz of New Orleans

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