Saturday, December 4, 2010

Latke Fest 2010

Making enough latkes for our family is an all day event. Welcome to Latke-Fest 2010 where we celebrated the miracle of the Maccabees and oil by eating fried potato pancakes and partying Slutsky style.

This is a once a year thing for me. Once a year, so gettem while you can people.

Trust me when I say, Beverly says it best,too much is never enough when it comes to jewelry and shoes- but with fried potato pancakes- that is another story.

I posted the recipe last year, and not much has changed, I especially LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of Natalie with her eyes all teary from the grated onions. She is such a fine Jewish American Chef. For the sake of simplicity, I am sending you back a year in time to get the recipe in greater detail. Same recipe, old blog post.

I said it best a year ago, and there is no sense in trying to out do my very own sarcasm.

This year, we lit the menorah and I recycled the 90% off Halloweeen Hershey's kisses into Peanut Butter Cookies. Eli helped me peel the foil wrappers

and we made a beautiful tray of festive cookies for Hanukkah. Being Jewish I felt obligated to buy the sale candy and save it for Hanukkah treats. Oy, I am becoming my grandmother.

The kids opened their gifts from Nana and Papa. These silly connecting straws

were a hit with the kids. They made all kinds of wild looking contraptions and then proceeded to try to drink milk from the mazes when I went to let the dogs out. I am sure these will smell great when the milk curdles in the cracks and crevices. Ewwwwww. I am trying to run soapy water through them but there is no hope. Good idea in theory, bad idea in reality. Live and Learn through exploring with educational toys. This was a lesson in building, creating, and SCIENCE. We are now culturing the pieces to make penicillin, or cottage cheese, which ever happens first over here.

They also played Polar Jacks with a ball and some penguins.

This worked well until Lenny swiped a penguin and took it under the dining room table. The ensuing lesson in keen negotiating was taught. The kids learned that offering a Jack Russell Terrier a piece of cheddar cheese will allow you to get anything back. Good times, good times.

Our evening was a feast of treats and toys for all the little girls and boys. We have officially started a new tradition for Mommie. When all the above mentioned tots are in bed,

Mommie gets a smart cocktail made from POTATO VODKA. Yummmmm, Latke fest is taking on a new and brighter meaning over here. Potato, Potot-oh!

Latke Fest 2010- it is a done deal.

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