Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ladies Who Lunch

How cool is it to be able to go to lunch with your friends? It is even cooler when the moms have a mutual bond, like high order multiples. These are my friends. We are having lunch at the club.

Between the 6 of us, we have 24 kids. Everyone has triplets, plus some, and Bethany, the overachiever has quadruplets.

We met for a champagne

birthday toast for Lisa, and stayed for lunch and then coffee. It was glorious to be with the glamorous women, and even more glorious to be without our children.

No matter how long between our play dates, we always talk about the important issues. No moms of multiples meal is complete without discussions of tummy tucks, meal planning, scrapbooking, schools, and other hot topics.I have learned so much from these amazing women, and of the group, my triplets are the youngest, so I benefit from their experience.

I found out that this "club" offers two hours of child care a day for the members. There is a spa, work out facility, pool, restaurant and bar all on the premises. My wheels were turning and if this location were closer to home, I would be all over it. As a mom of multiples I will do just about anything to get two free hours- I would even fake working out. For now, I will just keep going to various Giant Eagles three or four times a week.

It used to be a long, leisurely lunch with friends, was followed by shopping cardio. Now, we linger over coffee, discuss sports camps, and make plans for our next escape.

We have called our little group "the ladies who lunch" because, really, a mom has to eat too.


loren said...

Hard to believe it's 26 kids among so few moms! It's as if you're trying to repopulate the planet ;)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Right. We have our hands full. Wink wink.

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