Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Hanukkah Hop

We attended the JCC Hanukkah Hop in New Albany. This was a carnival slash festival for the entire Jewish community in Columbus. There was all kinds of fun to be had,
and my kids went from exhibit to exhibit making crafts and playing games.

These are my costumed Maccabees and my lone Greek.
CJ donned the warrior clothing and posed for the shots. The others went with the tribal costumes

and lit the menorah. Each photo was placed inside the popsicle frames they made at the booth. It was a commemorative take away that I will actually keep.

We wrote their names on each framed photo and I have tangible gifts for Nana and Papa. SCORE!

The kids watched as a rabbi assisted by audience members,

pressed olives and made olive oil. Technically, he squeezed olives into juice and then skimmed the oil from the top by using a gravy separator. Once again, this much patchkeying around is too much, so I will stick to buying our olive oil at Trader Joe's. It was nice for the kids to see how it was done in the historical sense.

I wore my Mommy needs a time out shirt and believe me, after schlepping four kids to this event, I indeed needed a time out or two or three. Note to self, bring a flask to future Hanukkah hops so that I too will be hopping from room to room. The hot dogs, lemonade and potato chips were not quite what I had in mind.

The Hanukkah hop was happening all right- we hopped until we dropped.

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