Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hanukkah Happiness

Ahhhhhh, Miracles. I do believe in miracles. Just look at the four little people on the header of the blog, who doesn't believe? At Hanukkah the celebration of miracles is sometimes overshadowed by the Americanization of festival, and as the parent, it is my job to educate the kids about it.

Cue the lessons....

Latkes, and an ensuing week of kitchen stench, hot oil, fried onion and heartburn which allows the festival of lights to go on past that first miraculous evening and if done correctly, it can last eight nights. Gluten free latkes with garlic and feta are our own family tradition around here. Our lesson is that you do not need wheat flour to make a tasty potato pancake.

Here at Slutsky central, it is candles, and selecting which menorah to light. I have collected menorahs for years and with so many to choose from, the kids each get to pick one to bring to life with glowing flames. This is a beautiful start to an evening of cold and grey. This is a lesson in taking turns, being pissed off when your sibling lights the menorah you wanted, and in our home, there is the added fire prevention and fire safety drill with four illuminated candle holders. The annual Slutsky Hanukkah fire drill is complete when all the children make a Smokey the Bear pledge never to play with matches.

There are gifts, gelt and games to amuse the children. Of course we play the dreidel game for organic, dye free, gluten free, M&M like candies called Sun Drops. I am sure my kids will say, "Remember when Mommie gave us those crappy, fake M&M candies each year at Hanukkah, we thought they were cool at the time, but she was a whack job!" Why didn't she just give us the real M&M's with artificial colors and wax?

Last week, I blasted all the toys my children would not be receiving, so in all fairness you should see that I do indulge them in some crappy playthings once in a while. On my terms of course. These Disney Barbie like dolls were bought second hand from my friend Ellen, who sold them to me right before the twins sale last year. The kids have no clue whether I paid full price or whether they were a deal, and since I am buying everything TIMES FOUR, you can bet they were a steal. I liked that there were two boy characters and two girls. Belle and Sleeping Beauty are less whore-like than Tramp Stamp Barbie, so I went the lesser of evils. Cue the Hanukkah happiness in the smiles shown as they ripped through the wrapping paper.

Lesser of evils people. A bargain and a mixed gender set too. This is a moms of multiples everyday world over here.

Since my days of buying pajamas and other necessary items as gifts are limited, I do try to make sure that the toys and play items are worthy. Bendaroos are coated pipe cleaners that are mess free, creative, and the kids went nuts every time the commercial was broadcasted 259 times this month. I caved and actually purchased a toy that they saw on television.(SHUDDER) See kids, on the second night of Hanukkah 2010,

Mommie stepped out of her comfort zone for YOU! A box of 500 Bendaroos is enough for all the children, Argenida, and Daddy to get in the spirit.

We listen to music of all kinds. This is the current seasonal favorite.
but you have to remember that I am old school when it comes to music, and Hanukkah would not be festive without Adam Sandler too,
When you think about it, popular music is more fun with a history lesson already built in, right?

Stay tuned all week for posts about school plays, parties and celebrations. It won't be a week without some kind of drama, and on tap.... pulling teeth!

The Hanukkah happiness goes on all week. It is a miracle!

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Tanna said...

Happy Hanukkah!! I hope you and your family have a wonerful holiday!!

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