Friday, December 31, 2010

Gluten Free Cocktails

As much as I dray about my martinis, is it any wonder I have not posted about gluten free cocktails? The truth is, I too have officially joined the gluten free bandwagon, and now that I am all aboard the gluten free lifestyle, it is time to discuss the plethora of options in adult beverages.

Mmmmmmm, cocktails. There is nothing smarter than a proper drink after all the lattes have worn off, and the kids are tucked nicely into their beds. It is my saving grace to unwind in front of the monitor with my swanky glass also known as Mommie's Sippy Cup. Blogging is better with liquid refreshment.


For the record, most distilled grain alcohol products are often gluten free. Distillation renders them so, and some manufacturers actually label their products accordingly. I buy into the certified label because it brings an awareness to gluten free and it guarantees that the company is not adding additional glutens to the elixir.

My new favorite Vodka is Tito's Handmade, and they proudly advertise Gluten Free, after a six time distillation recipe from 100% corn without adding any gluten by products. It is made in Texas and is available nationwide. It is moderately priced
and comes in the 1.75ml glass jug. You know how I like to buy in bulk, right?

For the most tasty cocktails, I highly recommend some Tito's handmade vodka mixed, shaken, stirred, blended or drizzled with the following:

Olives, olive juice with blue cheese stuffed olives= Martini
Grapefruit juice, Cranberry juice and limes= Greyhound
Kahula, Whipped Cream and a splash of coffee= after dinner coffee
Peach Schnapps, Vanilla Ice cream and a gf ginger snap garnish= dessert shake

Start with ice cold Tito's and you are assured a slam dunk cocktail concoction.

Happy New Year everyone. With any of the above listed gluten free cocktails, you will be ringing in the new year with style. My plan includes sleeping children, good friends, good food, good vodka and good times from the comfort of home!

the Queen

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Shannon said...

Hi Helen!
Coming to you from Austin Texas where Tito's is made! I loves me some Tito's.
Happy New Year!
PS: Just reading some of your posts. I hope your baby girl is all better after the new years eve visit to the ER. Poor thing!
-Shannon in Austin
PSS: hehehehe; the word verification is 'bargen' although spelled a little different from 'bargain'

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