Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Free Glasses Offer is BACK!

Since we are talking non stop about vision and eye glasses, I found it fitting that Coastal Contacts, the online optical store, is offering the free glasses promotion again. How timely.

I blogged about my experience here, and you can be assured that for the price of shipping, you will get some decent additional accessories for assisted vision.

This offer is open to the first 10,000 people who have not done the free offer before, and it starts this Friday December 17 starting at 9 a.m. EST, with the code FREE4All. The early bird gets the worm. Read the rules and regulations but basically, you get single vision glasses for the cost of the shipping. Any upgrades like bifocals or tints are extra. It is a real deal for those of us with big families.

I did not think CJ's first pair of corrective lenses should be bought out of sight, pun intended. Ordering online frames and lenses seems fair for adults who have worn glasses before, but I am not ready to chance it on my boy. Although, I am tempted to order CJ a spare pair on this offer, as back up. It couldn't hurt.

Speaking of glasses, look at my handsome guy

getting fitted for his specs. This little ham was the center of attention in the place, he was so cute trying on the different styles and frames. He was totally posing and playing it up.

He is so excited that he gets glasses and the other kids don't. When you are a multiple, this is HUGE.

Special treatment of any kind is golden. Clearly, CJ was having a blast being my only child at the time.

We went ahead and ordered a package that includes frames, lenses and a one year warranty. There is no way in hell I would buy frames that were not guaranteed to last or be replaced. We chose some wire rimmed, flexible, kid proof frames that made Caleb James a dead ringer for Jeff Slutsky. Add a diet coke can and he is a mini me.

If CJ could figure out how to log onto Coastal Contacts and order himself free glasses he could be my mini me.

Happy Shopping, and let me know if you score some sexy specs for yourself. It is always fun to share a deal.

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