Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dental Delight!

After all the dental drama with our children it was time for Jeff and I to suck it up and find a new dentist. Our previous dentist passed away and we had been putting off our own dental care in favor of treating the kids first. It was a financial priority not a fear of the chair.

After we fiscally recovered (?) from Eli's and Natalie's pricey dental surgery, we got slammed with Natalie's dental drama. The put it bluntly, the well was dry.

We all know finding a dentist is a big deal. There is the insurance issue, but more importantly, we needed a new dentist that made us feel comfortable, relaxed and was capable of treating us fairly, not price gauging us at the same time. Jeff and I do not have dental coverage, so we were left to fend for ourselves both in selection and cost. OUCH!

I scored a faveroo (on line coupon-certificate deal) for a dental visit complete with bite wing and comprehensive x-rays, exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment and the works. The offer allowed us to get caught up on our much needed dental care, but it also gave us the opportunity to try a new dentist we otherwise would not have used. For $79 we hit the jackpot.

We got off to a fabulous start when I called to schedule using our voucher. The receptionist was so nice, not treating as if we were second class citizens because we were redeeming our faveroo. She took the information, scheduled us together and suggested I do the official paperwork on the website. The ability to fill out our dental histories on line was top notch. I loved not having to arrive early to sign here, initial this and list medical history and deal with all that. Being able to submit our forms on line was a good sign that we were in the right place.

Jeff and I had our appointments and I am pleased to report that the Schneider Family dental group is the rock star dental office in the Columbus area.

Digital x-rays are the wave of the future. Dr. Matt Schneider has all the fancy technology beside each patient chair. My x-rays were on the screen almost instantly and I could look at the monitor to see what my hygienist was talking about. The mystery of black and white x-rays is so long gone. There was the element of whoa, that is cool.

I am pleased to report that we both found our new dentist that made us faithful patients. If you are in Columbus and need a dental office that is friendly, clean, state of the art, and amazing- look no further than Schneider family dental in Dublin. Dr. Matt was awesome, and coming from me, that is some serious praise.

Talk about thorough, they even took our blood pressure during the exam. WOW! Jeff and I joked that they should have adjusted the chair to offer colonoscopies, but alas, they are not THAT thorough. Thank G-D!

Jeff and I left smiling with dental delight. We also scored a great goodie bag filled with all kinds of fun dental prizes like toothpaste, floss, and some dental gadgets. It was like a party favor for the patients.

Forget google reviews, yelp remarks and word of mouth (pun intended) you can depend on me. Tell them Helene and Jeff sent you, that will let them know you are in the know.

Schneider Family Dental in Dublin- it is the ultimate dental delight.

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Aaryn said...

I need a NY unfortunately

btw- i have your glasses, but I'm sure you know it's been hard to get around over here!

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