Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blowing a Gasket and other explosions

We all know I have a short fuse for stupidity and idiots. Thankfully I am fully medicated, and blowing my gasket takes some real doing. This week was a true test of my pharmaceuticals.

Worse then me blowing a gasket would be, my handy dandy, trusted GE profile HE front loading washing machine blowing a friggin gasket, and it did.

Picture the scene because in my absolute panic, I did not reach for my camera. Piles and piles of laundry are sorted and ready to be cleaned. The first load is in the machine when all of a sudden water is pouring onto the floor. We have gushing water, soaked piles of both clean and dirty items, and no remedy in sight. Standing water on tile is something to be dealt with- so I dealt with it.

I shuffled the wet clothes into baskets and piles. Dry dark, wet whites, and so forth. I scheduled a service call and hoped it was something minor.

Nothing says eff you like finding out the gasket is not covered under warranty. I did not shoot the messenger since the messenger was the repairman.

So, when everyone and their uncle is giving posh gifts, I am paying for a service call and a new gasket. Must. Have. Gasket. The washing machine does not function without one, and our home with 9 people does not function without it either. Bye Bye $265, hello clean clothes and towels.

In addition to the new gasket, I made a grocery store run to stock us up for the holiday week/weekend. I found diet coke and various other toxic soda pop on sale in cans. I was pleased to haul a van full of it home for my husband. I stocked the garage fridge full, only to discover that the sub zero temps were taking over the inside of refrigerator.
In addition to the blown gasket, I have blown cans with frozen soda spew. Delightful.

At the risk of sounding completely perverse, is there anything else left to blow?

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