Sunday, December 5, 2010

As Seen On TV- My kids are my own fault!

As a child there are temptations everywhere. It is my job as a parent to educate my children on what is acceptable and what is forbidden, and as a role model I must set an example by practicing what I preach.

I would like to think I am doing a fine job of raising solid citizens. How do I know I am being objective?

A few weeks ago the triplets saw a commercial for the SNUGGIE blanket with sleeves.

Here in Ohio, people can actually use these hideous looking fleece wraps to stay warm when the weather is cold. Of course the kids decided that after seeing them on television, they too wanted one. Say it isn't so. Times FOUR!


I went into my parental schpiel about advertising, and how we don't necessarily have to purchase everything we see and want. I drilled these poor saps about how the commercials make you want to buy the products and that most of the time, the say stuff just to get you to buy it. I know I sounded like a complete scrooge but between the Pillow Pets, Bendaroos, the Moon Glow Rocks, the Snuggies, and the friggin Silly Bands, I was ready to blow a gasket. Enough. Make. It. Stop!

As seen on T.V. is like heroin to kids. As seen on T.V. is a parental nightmare. I just say NO! Sometimes?

As much as I rag about the dumb crap on these commercials I admit, I am intrigued. I did buy a pedi egg a few years ago at CVS. I did buy Heeltastic at Giant Eagle last month. Now in my own defense, these were actual products I wanted to review, for the blog.

Yeah, right, are you buying my bullshit yet?

But really, if you ever saw my poor heels and feet, you would have bought me the cheese grating pedi-egg and a stick
of heeltastic yourself. It would be considered a community service.

So as a consumer, I figured without shipping and handling, and with instant in-store gratification, I would give them a whirl. No big deal. As seen on T.V. but available locally, why not?

I already reviewed the pedi-egg, and I never blogged about heeltastic because I only used it a few times--I could not stand the scent of it. I was unable to objectively say if it worked based on my limited experience. Both the pedi-egg and the stick of heeltastic are on my nightstand next to my side of the bed.

Eli noticed both yesterday. Being five, brutally honest and not having a filter for his thoughts, he said, "Mommie, I saw this pedi-egg and heeltastic on T.V. before, in a commercial!" "Oh, Silly Mommie, those things don't really work, they just want you to buy them!" I laughed out loud.

This kid nailed it. I am a complete jack ass.

B-U-S-T-E-D! Stone cold busted.

Thanks Eli, you showed Mommie that she needs to practice what she preaches. Good job, I guess my kids are my own damn fault, right Larry?

So with that wake up call, I promptly went out and bought four snuggies.

Happy Hanukkah guys, your mother is a hypocrite that loves you.

As seen on her blog, Helene Slutsky is guilty of being manipulated by four children.

While I was at Giant Eagle, I notice the Jewish JEWLY Bandz,
which are much like Silly Bandz only holy. They have sets for every Jewish holiday including Yom Kippur, Shavout and Lag Baomer. Gee whiz, the insanity never ends. Thank G-d, the fine makers of JEWLY bandz do not advertise on television. Jewish themed rubber band bracelets- oy, enough already!

As seen on T.V. and Mommie's night stand, My kids are truly my own fault.


bearie1 said...

Too funny. Hope the kids enjoy their snuggies. I've heard that the pedi-egg actually works. Is that true? And, just in case you are wondering, the Ninja, As Seen on TV, actually works very well. Elaine

Finnskimo said...

OK, I live in AK, so it's cold up here too. Did you know that you can buy 1.5 yards of fleece for about $4 when its on sale at Walmart, and just cut about a third of it off, cut that third in half, cut holes near the top of the 2/3rds piece, and sew on the arms... all in about FIVE minutes (Seriously, I made 20 "Snuggies" for my daughter's class in less than an HOUR!)

I don't buy into commercials too much cause we don't have cable, I didn't even know what a pillow pet was! (I would totally have cable if it wasn't over $100 a month for BASIC up here in the north.) My sister got my youngest daughter a pillow pet, so I am good there. :)

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I see you went all out on the gift-wrapping for those snuggies :-)
Happy Holidaze, Chrissy

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