Monday, November 29, 2010

The Witching Hour

The hour after dinner but before bedtime has always been the witching hour around here. The kids are tired, my patience is fried, and the clock just drags from dessert until lights out.

Except from Thanksgiving until New Years.

I have eliminated our Holiday season witching hour. On the nights (excluding Hanukkah when we light the menorah, play dreidel and sing songs) we have a new family tradition. This is a bit unorthodox in a Jewish family, but when you are parenting multiples and they are driving you bat shit crazy all winter, you actively seek out less traditional methods of parenting- for survival.

It gets dark here at 5:30, sometimes even earlier. This is a bonus for my new found love of Christmastime.....the neighborhood lights tour!

Here is my new evening agenda: Feed the kids dinner, shower/bathe them, get them into warm pajamas, load them in the van and tour neighboring subdivisions looking at the Christmas decorations. Every evening we pick a different area and each child selects their favorite home. I sip my final latte of the day, listen to my own tunes, and watch the road as the clock draws closer and closer to bed time.

Here is a sample of how we roll!

If we stay home during this last hour of the day it is chaos, fighting, raging voices and pure hell. For some reason, while buckled into their boosters, the kids behave like civilized citizens rather than goons. I can't figure out the difference, and I won't even try- I am just so glad I have found a solution to the ever present witching hour.

Moms of younger multiples pay attention. I have discovered a cure for what ails you.

Stay tuned for a future post of the most tacky decorations in town. I have a few naughty neighbors on my list. The kids and I have been mapping out the route for another blog.

Obviously, no one comes close to my former next door neighbor in Prairie Village. Oy, if we had this kind of whack-a-doo here, I would be schlepping the kids over there every night just for my own sense of diabolical revenge. I pity the folks who were stupid enough to buy my old home.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


bearie1 said...

When my kids were little we used to tour our neighborhood every night. The kids would count how many houses had lights out and compare the number to the previous nights. It was pretty amazing how much good behavior we could get out of a promise to "look at lights if you are good". Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Your old house now has a very big set of light decorations. Same goes for the house on the other side of you old home. I drove by there Sunday night to see the changes for the year.


Jennifer Jayhawk said...

I clicked over to your blog from a comment you left on another blog. We used to live in KC. Our first house was on Chadwick which is a few streets down from the "Christmas Extravaganza".

I always wondered how you would ever be able to sell houses on that street!!! To funny.

We know live in North Carolina.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I sold it in February, and I actually disclosed it in the MLS listing. The people that bought my house were Muslim and used some weird finance option to buy the house for above the listing price so they could use the difference for furniture and other house related stuff. I told the agent they would need earplugs and valium.

Jennifer Jayhawk said...

Too Funny! Did you by any chance graduate from SME? I'm much older then you but my nieces and nephew graduated from there and are in their early thirties.

Is your last name really "Slutsky"? I have a cousin who is a Hoer :)

I will have to share with my family that you actually sold a house on that street and in this awful housing market. Cute houses but Wow!!!

Jennifer Jayhawk said...

The link where I found your blog was I'm bummed they are not posting like before.

We aren't Jewish but I miss my KC Jewish friends :( Our youngest son told us he wanted to be Jewish when he was in School at Belinder. He is now interning at our Church. Clearly he had a religious calling Our oldest son went to SME his first year before we moved. I played tennis for umpteen years at Homestead. OK, I will stop stalking! I was just having a moment.

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