Friday, November 12, 2010

This is how I roll

Pay attention. This is a post dedicated to my wacky and wild ways. You could learn something or get inspired. Or you could end up laughing and mocking me, the choice is all yours- but this is how I roll.

There is a certain high I get from a deal. Bargains are my foreplay. The thrill of the savings is my drug. I love buying in bulk, using coupons, rebate offers, discounts and special purchases. My ultimate good fortune in this arena allows us to live a higher perceived lifestyle. If you can call it that.

Giant Eagle offers food perks, where you earn a percentage off of the grocery purchase based on the gallons of gas you buy at the Get Go Giant Eagle stations. Our loyalty to filling up at Giant Eagle earns us up to 20% the total food purchase up to $300, or an actual discount of $60 when I spend $300. This is significant. I am able to bank the savings until I reach the 20% then I can blow it out in a single transaction.

Likewise, for the dollars spent on groceries and pharmacy, we earn cents off of each gallon of gas, and with our ginormous brood, I am able to roll the gas perks up to the current cost of a gallon of gasoline, $2.78 off each gallon for up to 30 gallons or a free full tank for those of you in lower math. Playing their game saves us money. The kind of money that helps fund educations, insurance premiums and my designer shoe habit.

This year alone, I have pumped $1870 worth of free gasoline in my van. I am not even kidding. This is the actual amount of money I would have spent on gas- but instead, I got it for free.

Introducing.... my Giant Eagle run this week, where I redeemed the 20% food perks, used coupons and shopped the sale flyer.The subtotal was a hefty $437.39 and my final out of pocket spending was $240.78! I also bought a few items that have mail in rebates, but that is just gravy that comes in the mailbox.

Here is the loot I scored for the rock bottom low price of $240.78! It is mind boggling.

This is the haul, not including the various soda which was off loaded directly into the garage, and the laundry soap that was stashed in the laundry room on the way into the house. I bought items we actually use, produce, fresh meats, dairy, and toiletries. I bought a ton of gluten free merchandise with coupons from the Mambo Sprouts website. Since Giant Eagle doubles coupons and honors them on sale items, I was able to work the program for the 20% discount on the before coupon total. There were about 30 items that Giant Eagle paid me to take home. I love that. I really, really, get jazzed from the thought of being paid to take stuff home with me.

Of course I am able to leisurely clip and organize the coupons while the four little folks are in the activity center. This is a huge help. Additionally, I use the 20% off shopping day while the kids are at school, so I can take my time and painstakingly plan the purchase. Making meals is a cinch when you have everything stocked and ready.

I also enjoy redeeming the dollars off coupons at places like Kohl's and Target. This week the sale flyers from each store included a gift card on an in store purchase. Kohl's was take $10 off anything,even the sale merchandise, so I scored this sassy little Dana Buchman trench coat for $11.70 when it was all said and done.

The clearance rack had tons of 70% off goods, and this $78 frock was marked down to $21.70, then with the extra $10 off, it was a real deal. It will be so fun with all my black tops and black pants. Lord knows this gorgeous weather is coming to an end, and I will actually be able to enjoy the layered look again. It kind of justifies the bionically expensive, black, platform Christian Louboutain boots, right- of course I am right? My soul and my soles are red you know.

Do you think my friends at Giant Eagle will like my new animal print coat? I sure hope so, since I will be debuting it next week when I stock up for Thanksgiving. Hmmmmm, maybe I need a new coupon caddy that matches my black and tan topper? Matchy matchy at a fraction of the retail price: This is how I roll!


bearie1 said...

What's to mock? Wish we had a grocery store with a similar program. Best we can do around here is ten cents off a gallon of gas when we get 100 grocery points.

Lori said...

You are my hero! I do pretty good working the system at Giant Eagle but you certainly have me beat.

Do you take advantage of the gift cards too? Any time I want to buy something from somewhere that has a gift card I buy it at Giant Eagle and get the fuel points too. I buy extra gift cards to places we go anyway when they are doing 20 cent fuelperks.

When we got our treadmill from Dicks I paid with giftcards. Not only did I get free gas out of it I also got rewards certificates from Dicks that I then used to buy sneakers for 1/3 of the normal price. Working the system is fun and economical!

Michele S said...

I am your student.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

OMG, Lori, I totally LOVE the gift card program too, in fact last year when we had our garage pantry and shelves built, the cubbies constructed and some small little home improvement things done, I gave our handyman Home Depot gift cards to purchase all the supplies and lumber. Since it was a few hundred bucks here and there, it totally added up, FAST. Three years ago when Jeff had to replace all the commercial grade carpet in his office building we found an installed price from Home Depot, and used Giant Eagle Home Depot gift cards to pay= hello, $1000 in gift cards was like $200 of free gas

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