Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Sneak Peek

It has been a week since we left Kansas City. I am sorting through emails and downloading all the photos I took while we were visiting everyone. I am just about caught up, and it feels great to be back to my sense of normal.

My friend, fellow triplet plus one mom, and favorite photographer, Jennifer took portraits at the park while we were in town. I was a complete lunatic during the shoot and if she was not in my shoes on a daily basis, she would have called CPS on me, for sure. The kids were not cooperating, they were looking in four different directions, squirming, and making queer faces. It was heinous at best. As each child made a mockery of the session, I had to shoot death glares, hiss my threats and get a bit fierce. There was plenty of whining and begging, tears, hysterical laughter and most of that was from me.

I had been planning this session for months, painstakingly selecting the outfits, accessories and even pre-selecting our holiday greeting card based on the color scheme. Damn if these kids were going to rain on my parade.

At one point, I had to take serious action to get these monkeys to cooperate, look in the general direction of the camera, and smile. I resorted to making burping and farting sounds. I am not ashamed. I was pulling out all the stops, and was making lemonade with the four lemons known as my children. Poor Jennifer, that poor poor woman, she left her own four kids for this? She had her work cut out for her, bless her heart!

If anyone can get some decent images from this disaster it would be Jennifer. I have complete and total faith in her professional skills. I am anxious to see the proofs and select my top 30-40 images for my own birthday gift. Happy Birthday to me, I will get the best treat this year, when I think of the smiles captured on film, and recall what it took to make it all a reality.

Here is the single sneak peek Jennifer sent me,it is supposed to tie me over until I can see the rest of the photos. For now, I am just dreaming of the day when I can take the kids for pictures and not have lower myself to making bodily sounds, bribery and torture.

Sneak Peek Saturday fun, bring on the rest of the session!

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