Friday, November 26, 2010

My Coastal Contacts FREEBIE- it is a winner!

Last week, I ordered a free pair of new glasses from Coastal Contacts. I was skeptical at first, but figured, what do I have to lose? So, at precisely noon EST, I painstakingly selected a pair, entered all my information, and hoped for the best.

Today, on Black Friday when everyone and their mother is out spending money, I on the other hand, stayed home, loved on my kids and got a surprise treat from the UPS guy. My Coastal Contacts optical order arrived and I was completely blown away. Keep in mind that I just ordered these a week ago, not counting the Thanksgiving holiday. The black and silver Kam Dhillon glasses are gorgeous! I paid a little more to have them made with black lenses
so I could wear them as sun glasses. Black Friday indeed.

These were shipped professionally and included all the cleaning cloth, little screw driver,
hard shell case and travel pouch- normally the cheapo optical shops nickel and dime you for the extras. To say I was thrilled would be the understatement of the century.

The Coastal Contacts frame and sun glass selection was impressive, the service was stellar, and best of all, the price was right. Keep in mind, I would have never even thought about buying new frames on line, because I did not imagine it would be this easy. I had never even heard of Kam Dhillon as a frame designer, but I love the look and the spring hinged feel of my new frames. CHA-CHING!

Obviously, this was a marketing and PR promotion designed to gain new customers. It worked! I am hooked. If the fine folks at Coastal Contacts designed this freebie promotion to gain exposure, find new customers and spread the good word about their on line optical shop, then they can consider this one a raging success story. This blog post serves as a testimonial to the concept of spreading the word. This was an awesome experience.

Don't worry guys, if you missed your chance to get a fabulous new pair of specs, I would be willing to bet, Coastal Contacts will do this again sometime. I will be sure to blog the promo as soon as I hear about it, so keep reading, and you never know- you might just get something for next to nothing.

To recap, this month, I have new sexy sun glasses, new hair, new baubles, and the same old sarcastic attitude- what is not to love? Next time you see me in my Black Blinging Tee shirt, (with the crystal martini glass and Mommy needs a Time Out) sporting my new sleek shades, and rocking it with my long locks of new hair, be sure to wink at me so I know you read the blog and are on to my antics. You can admit that you are in the know.

My Very Black Friday, it is a winner!

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